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By Sara Jane

A Masterpiece does not start with the completed article.

The book is empty pages, the canvas is blank, the sculpture is a solid block of wood, marble or whatever the material; the bust, piece of ceramic or formed glass starts as a blob of the raw material.

Everything starts as a project, an idea, a thought in the head and imagination of the individual who goes on to create it.

Everyone is an artist in their own way, everything you create, whatever it may be is your work of art; so here we will use the word artist and know that this includes YOU.

You start with a project in mind and to get the most from it and to give the most to it you have to understand it, to understand what you want to get out of it and what you hope others will also get from it.

Have the courage to listen to your intuition, let your imagination run riot, research and learn, help yourself to understand all the energies of this project, the beauty, the intricacies, even if you don’t understand the reasoning.

Have you got a project on the go or are you looking to start one?

You can create a Masterpiece but you have to start at the beginning, you have to start with the raw materials and shape them to fit into your creation.

If you are working with other people, all listen to each other.

Sometimes the energies may not work, don’t try and change someone, you can’t change a set piece of clay; let them go if it isn’t working.

You may need to change tack and that is why it is so important to understand and listen.

Masterpieces are created, worked on, changed, adjusted; they take time, patients, belief; don’t try and run, take it one step at a time.

Just like when you learned to walk, first you had to crawl then stand up, then start to put one foot in front of the other while holding on to furniture, then you let go and walk, running came last.

Yes your project is one masterpiece that you are working on but there is another which has been in progress since the day you were born.

You are a Masterpiece in progress – yes you are, you are creating the Masterpiece that is YOU.

Your physical being is a project for your Spirit. Your experiences in this life help your spirit to understand and grow.

Every time you are yourself, you listen to your heart, your intuition, your gut instincts you are creating the Masterpiece that is you.

Yes your Spirit knows everything but it lives in Love, everything in Spirit is Love and the experiences it has with you here in the physical builds the Masterpiece that you are.

So trust and believe in yourself, in the gifts that you receive as gifts from your spirit.

Not everything may feel like a gift but some of the most previous gifts you receive come disguised.

Open your eyes, ears and heart to the many masterpieces that surround you, that are gifted to you every day; know that you are one of those for others, just as others are for you.

Perfection is Uniqueness and Uniqueness is Perfection

First Published in “The Magic Happens” Digital Magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane

Being At Peace

Being at Peace

Being at Peace ~ Shinning Your Light

By Sara Jane

Luminous: Emitting light, especially self-generated light

Turbulence: The state or quality of being agitated, violently disturbed or in commotion

You are Light and when everything is in balance and alignment within you and in your life, your light shines, you are a truly Luminous Being.

You are a Being of Light, even in the human form of this existence, this series of experiences you have chosen; you are still a beautiful being of light.

Many of the experiences you have chosen cause a disruption to the flow of your light, this turbulence disturbs your energies, affecting your thinking and in so many cases prevents you from listening to your Heart, your inner wisdom and guidance.

Whatever experiences you are having at this time STOP and breathe.

Fill your lungs with clean fresh air, clearing out all the stale air.

With every breath in fill yourself with Love, Peace & Harmony and with every breathe ou expel fear, anger and pain.

Sit quietly and just breathe, once you are relaxed and calm, visualise your current situation as if you are watching a movie or soap opera, as if the characters are totally unrelated to you in any way.

Keep breathing, what are you feeling? What is your gut, your intuition telling you about how what you are witnessing can be “dealt with”?

Stay detached. What is inside each individual’s control? What is outside their control?

In their shoes what would you do about the things they do have control over?

As you breathe, listen to the wisdom of your heart, not the fear of your head.

All the answers are within you, within the light of the amazing being that you are.

Yes you may require to involve others, you may also require to let go of people, places and things, moving on.

Be open to this period of turbulence as being a gift that although it feels as if everything is falling apart, it is actually bringing everything together for the next stage of your journey.

Always remember to breathe; feeding the flame of love in your heart, the flame that is your light.

Your luminosity is only disturbed by your reactions to the turbulence that appears in your life from time to time.

When you remember to breathe and stay detached, the turbulence has no hold over you, you are at Peace with yourself, life and everyone & everything around you; shinning your light as only you can.

Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

Sara Jane

Sara shared a Breathing exercise for your Chakras on Gift of Healing TV, you can experience it here:

First shared in the Digital Magazine “The Magic Happens”

Copyright © Sara Jane

Take a Break

Take a Break Refresh your Mind, Body & Spirit

By Sara Jane

In today’s world far too many people spend far too many hours working.

You could achieve so much more in a lot less time if only you would take a break.

The more you do, the more tired and less focused your mind becomes; by taking a short break, especially going and getting some fresh air, clearing your mind, it can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.

You can come back to what you were doing with fresh eyes and thoughts, seeing things from a slightly different perspective and achieve so much more than you would have done if you had worked through.

If you work at a desk, the break is not just important to refresh your mind but also stretch your body and feed your soul.

For a number of years I worked in an office and every lunchtime I would go for a walk to a local park, watching the people and the wildlife, listening to all the different sounds and letting go of everything that was going on in my life.

If I had had a difficult case or policy I was dealing with, clearing my mind helped bring things into a better focus.

Since going self-employed as a complementary therapist and teacher, I still give myself at least one daily walk out in the fresh air, feeling the sun, the wind and the rain; yes regardless of the weather I hit the refresh button for myself everyday unless I am working on a stand at a fair.

The walking, the exercise feeds my Mind, Body and Soul; it’s my way of meditating.

Find what works for you, meditation, going to the gym, walking the dog, just sitting outside and listening; think about your whole Being, feed and nourish it and it will keep working for you.

You may be one of those people who gives yourself a weekly, fortnightly or monthly treat of a massage or some other relaxing therapy. You may have learnt Reiki and give yourself a regular session.

Take a break, taking care of yourself is essential, remember prevention is better than a cure and an empty vessel cannot feed, nourish, water or help anyone.

Do you allow yourself to unwind before you go to sleep at night?

Do you do something that helps you to take your mind off the day’s activities and all the things on your list for tomorrow?

Again find something that works for you; me personally I do a Sudoku and a codeword puzzle, while my mind is occupied with them it lets go of everything else.

Whatever you do, enjoy it; sometimes I have the television on and other times I listen to one of my favourite CD’s.

Give yourself permission to have time off; if you have a family have some of that time off together but also for each of you to have “me time”.

Maybe you are someone who likes to go to football with your friends or walk the dog on your own or having a relaxing massage or bubble bath.

The saying goes “a change is as good as a rest”, refreshing isn’t always about resting or sleeping, it is about taking a break, doing something different, nourishing your mind, body and spirit in whatever way is totally right for you.

Write, read, sing, dance, play or watch a sport, do crosswords, walk, run, paint, ,make something, find a hobby, learn something new.

You are a very special Being, don’t become a slave to work, family or friends, regularly hit the refresh button on your life and encourage others to do the same and watch how your life changes.

Love, Peace & Light


First shared in The Magic Happens Digital Magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane


Life: An Adventure for Your Spirit

By Sara Jane

Life is an adventure and it is all about the experiences that you have, the feelings you feel, the wonders you see, the sounds that you hear, the places you go, the people you meet and so much more.

It is time to get out of that rut you are stuck in; it may be “safe” but it is restricting and it is holding you back from experiencing what life has to offer you.

I spent many years being so afraid of what others thought about me, in fear of their judgement if I did anything out of the ordinary; I trapped myself in a prison of my own making.

When a broken jaw, which resulted in 6 months of pain and sleepless nights, gave me the push I needed to start living my life, I realised I hadn’t been living, I had been existing.

It was time to start living, to let myself experience some of the many opportunities that exist.

First I heard about the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (UKWCT) and the opportunity as a member to go for a walk with the Wolves.

Through my membership I learnt of a project with the Scientific Exploration Society to track (not kill) Wolves & Lynx in the Carpathian Mountains with the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project lead by Christoph Promberger.

I signed up and spent 2 weeks in Romania in February 2000 tracking in the Mountains with a wonderful group of people; what an adventure it was.

Later that year I became a trainee handler with the Wolves at the UKWCT, being so close with these amazing creatures was such a privilege.

Sara with Wolf

Yes this is me with one of the Trusts Wolves

I abseiled off the Water Tower in Poole, Dorset and started working with adults with learning difficulties, supporting them to have experiences they may otherwise not have had. This included organising a sponsored walk with the Wolves for a group of them.

In 2005 as part of a project I had set up called “Spirit of Freedom”, I along with 2 carers, took 2 young adults with learning difficulties to Idaho, USA for a 3 week adventure.

Whilst there we spent a week with the Nez Perce Tribe learning about their history and culture and spent time in Yellowstone Park, where we were blessed with sightings of many different animals in their natural habitat including, Wolves, Brown Bear, a Grizzly Bear Mum and her 3 cubs, Elk, Bison, Mountain Goats, Snowshoe Hare, Pine Martin and Mountain Lion to name but a few.

I had already started my journey into Holistic Therapies and practises and came to realise that life is a little like a rollercoaster.

Yes it has its “ups” and “downs” but it slowly dawned on me that that is just a learned behaviour of thinking.

All adventures have what we term as “highs” and “lows”, the good bits and bad bits; but it is all about perspective. What is “good” for some is “bad” for others and vis versa.

People, places, things, circumstances, just are, it is only the mind, the ego that labels it.

For many having a broken jaw that caused 6 months of pain and sleepless nights would be a nightmare, the worst thing that had ever happened to them.

I’m not saying it was fun, because it wasn’t but coming out the other side I came to realise what an amazing gift it had been; it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It woke me up to my life, it gave me the strength and the courage to make some major changes in my life, empowering me to step away from other people’s judgement.

That is when the real adventure of my life started.

Never be afraid to ask for help, especially at times of great change; I did, I went to a psychotherapist to help me understand why I had lived my life as I had. There were 2 things she said to me that have stuck with me, “you never know when you are being lucky” and “here take my advice I’m not using it”.

What is going on in your life at the moment? Are there difficulties? Do things feel as if they are falling apart?

I know it is easier said than done but try going with the flow.

I believe it was Neale Donald Walsch that said “perhaps when everything is falling apart, it is actually falling together”.

What advice would you give someone else if they told you they were going through what you are? Try using your own advice and then when someone does ask you for yours, only suggest things you know have worked for you. Yes suggest only from your own experiences.

From my heart, from the way I try to view my life and live my life, I suggest, let go of judgement; there is no “good” or “bad”, there is just what is comfortable and safe and the adventure that is life, that is the experience of living; that your spirit has chosen for this life.

Honour your spirit by riding the roller-coaster that is life, even if at times it feels like you are only just hanging on as it hits a sharp bend or plummets new depths or reaches new heights.

This life is your adventure.

First shared in The Magic Happens Digital Magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane

The Journey

Possibility Banner

By Sara Jane

Your life is a journey from the day you are conceived into the physical world to the day you leave and return to the Spirit world.

Yes you are Spirit having a physical experience and all the possibilities that that brings with it.

Life is a precious gift, a gift of endless possibilities and experiences.

Every step you take opens you to new opportunities.

Your journey isn’t about following the straight and narrow path; it is about twists and turns, diversions and forks in the road; choices.

All roads and paths have junctions and forks in them, sometimes there are even detours. Life is the same.

It is your journey, the roads and paths you walk should be your choice. By all means listen to others but choose from how each choice makes you feel.

There will be times when you feel like you are climbing a never ending mountain, stop occasionally and enjoy the view there are always plus points.

If you ever feel you have picked the wrong turn or path, see it as a detour.

Yes there will be detours but consider these as bringing you gifts, new possibilities and wisdom that you wouldn’t have had without them ~ there is always a reason.

There will be times when you feel you have hit rock bottom; the advantage here is that you can’t fall any further, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and look for the path out, the path that offers the possibilities to use the wisdom you have gained from your experiences.

You can never take a wrong path and there is no such thing as a backward step, not in the way you interpret the meaning.

Even if you feel you have gone in the wrong direction and need to backtrack, remember the experiences you have had have changed you, you have grown.

Think about a meandering river, its path twists and turns; sometimes it can form a horseshoe shape, appearing to come back on its self.

Just like a motorway, if you find yourself going in the wrong direction, you turn round but you are not travelling the same road and you are seeing things from a different perspective.

Feel free to change your mind, feel free to open yourself to new opportunities, the possibilities are endless and you will never be given more than you can handle.

Live, your life, enjoy the ups and downs, twists and turns of your journey and know that what may feel like U-turns are still a step forward.

Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t always get to find out what that reason is.

First published in “The Magic Happens” Digital Magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane

Nature Requires No Embellishment


By Sara Jane

Embellish from the Latin bellus meaning “dress up (a narration) with fictitious matter” and To make more beautiful, as by ornamentation, adorn

26th October 2015

Today I was out for a walk and I was thinking about our Mythical Friends, especially those that have been depicted as evil and dangerous; specifically the Dragon who in western culture is feared plus the Vampire and Werewolf.

It is almost as if christianity has taken them and distorted their myth, folklore and legend to create fear. Why do I say christianity because it was Saint George that slayed the Dragon and it is a crucifix that can hold the Vampire at bay.

However it does go back much further than that or were the Myths and Legends of all the ancient gods only written 2000 years ago!!!!

These beings are our friends and protectors and by embellishing their myths with darkness, fear has been created within us, of some of our protectors, making us more vulnerable and easier to control.

Fear ~ False Evidence Appearing Real, is what is used by man to have control over his fellow man, yet we have many guides and guardians that are here to support us, to help us to live from our heart, to Live our lives; after all life is for living.

The intimation of so many teachings is that it is not okay to love yourself, when loving yourself is essential to truly being able to love others unconditionally.

We are taught that you have to think of others before our self but the truth is when you follow your heart you are doing the best for everyone else. By constantly doing for others you stop both you and them from growing and from living, truly living.

The more we think and do for ourselves the less control others can have over us, our true independence scares those in “power”.

By all means help others but help them to help them self, help them to learn to stand on their own 2 feet and to think for them self, to follow their own heart. That is the greatest service that you can be to another, that is the greatest love that you can bring to another.

27th October 2015

This morning I woke with overriding thoughts and feelings about love.

Whatever the demons are that have showed up in your life, stay connected to your heart, stay connected to love, concentrate on the good that lives within you, the beauty that is you and surrounds you.

Love can conquer everything; it can help you to see through and past everything that is false.

When you live from your heart, embellishment isn’t required; all anyone truly requires is the facts, the truth, the simplicity, the beauty that is love.

Love will never let you down. Yes relationships may end but keep and hold love in your heart for you and it will show you more love than you could ever have imagined.

Love doesn’t require fear to “keep you on the straight and narrow”, love just requires more love, plain and simple.

When you remove all the embellishment from life and just get back to basics you find the truth in everything. You can see everything for what it truly is.

Some things have been wrapped in glitter and sparkles to attract your attention; others have been wrapped in darkness, engendering fear.

It is time to see with your heart and not with your eyes.

(First Published in The Magic Happens On-line Digital Magazine)

Copyright © Sara Jane


Curiosity ~ pic

Curiosity is the Foundation of Life as we know it

Why is curiosity considered a bad thing?

The old saying “curiosity killed the cat”, very much suggests that it is not safe to be curious about anything.

If you aren’t curious you can’t grow and learn.

Is the saying just another way that man has learnt to create fear in others, to limit them and stop them from thinking for them self?

Feed your curiosity, investigate, explore, expand your horizons.

Learn to question and be open to the answers.

Open your eyes, your ears and your heart to the world and people that surround you.

When you feel the first stirrings of curiosity, feed and water them as you would a seed.

As a seed turns into a plant, its roots grow and expand; let your research, your exploration expand your knowledge and awareness; just like those roots, feed and water your curiosity.

Curiosity is a good thing, it means you are alive and aware; don’t let the nay sayers deter you.

Where would we be without curiosity?

  • Curiosity helped man discover how to create a flame.
  • Curiosity discovered the foods we can eat.
  • “Let’s try” is your curiosity at work.

You are a Special and Unique Being here to learn and share in your own unique way.

Just as others bring gifts for you that your curiosity opens, so you bring gifts for others that their curiosity opens.

When you are true to yourself and follow the guidance of your heart “you pay it forward” by sharing with others.

Curiosity is an essential part of being human, without it you exist rather than live.

(If you are interested in, or curious about Complementary Therapies, Techniques and Practices there is a free resource in Gift of Healing TV which shares Meditations, Exercises, Interviews and Panel discussions: http://www.giftofhealingtv/com)

First published as an article in The Magic Happens on-line digital magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane

Honesty & Truth

“Honesty & Truth”

By Sara Jane

We are all taught that “Honesty is the best policy”, in other words you should always be honest and tell the truth.


Simple, because truth always leads to the best outcomes.

The truth may not always be the easiest thing to tell or to hear but it is the truth and it is you or another being honest.

Yes what is one person’s truth may not be another’s but if they are honest about their truth everyone knows where they stand.

If someone asks you for something and your choice is NO, be honest and say it sooner rather than later.

Everyone likes to know where they stand, who they can rely on, or if they need to seek other support for something, so that they have time to do it.

How easy do you find it to say No, to be honest that something is not of interest to you, or even if you are interested you can’t afford it?

Be honest, say Yes when you mean Yes and No when you mean No

Now be honest with yourself, how does it feel when people prevaricate and don’t answer or say Yes when they mean No?

When you are not honest, that is how you make others feel.

Yes when you mean No is unkind, it builds false hope – say what you mean, not what you think others want to hear.

The most important person to be honest with is yourself – Yes You.

When someone asks for your help or if you want to join them for something and you are not sure, ask them to give you a couple of hours and you will get back to them.

Spend some quiet time, see how it “feels” to do it and see how it “feels” to do something else you may want to do. Which “feels” best or right to you?

Then just be honest, go back with a Yes or NO. Trust your feelings.

Honesty and truth, your truth, can save so much time, discomfort and hurt.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty for being honest, it’s their disappointment, their stuff not yours.

When you learn to be truthful and honest with yourself and everyone around you, that includes the salesman who knocks on your door, you step into your own power.

Learn to say No when you mean No and Yes when you mean Yes; others will come to respect your honesty and trust you because they know you will always be honest with them.

Trust and Believe in Yourself

Orbs at St Nectans Waterfall

Copyright © Sara Jane ~ Picture Copyright © Sara Jane’s Mother Maureen King


Charity from the Latin “caritas” 

meaning Love, Regard

The definition of “charity” as per the “Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary” is

“1. The provision of help or relief to the poor 2. An institution, organisation or fund established to help the needy or carry out other useful work 3. Something that is given up to help the needy; alms 4. An act or feeling of benevolence, goodwill or affection 5. Indulgence or forbearance in judging others; leniency”.

What does charity mean to you? Or more importantly what should it mean to you?

So many people’s reaction is “I don’t want charity”. What they are really looking for is to be able to help them self, to be able to stand on their own 2 feet and provide for them self and their family.

At the end of the day isn’t that what we all wish for?

The saying goes “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, give him a fishing rod and he eats for the rest of his life”.

The word “charity” I feel has a different meaning today than from the past.

By helping and supporting people to help and support them self, we treat them with Love & Respect; we help them to get back on their feet and to be able to support themselves.

We give them back control for their life, releasing them from reliance on anyone else.

Charity should always “begin at home”, with yourself. The charity of loving yourself enough to be true to you; of not judging yourself or allowing others judgements of you to affect you.

Let go of judgement of self and others, feel free to give of self to self.

Always give with Love, Respect and an Honouring of who the individual is.


Copyright © Sara Jane

Your Life is Like a Mosaic

Your Life is Like a Mosaic

By Sara Jane

Your Life is Like a Mosaic Banner

What is a Mosaic?

Can you picture one?

Lots of different coloured pieces of glass or tile; little pieces that are all stuck together to create a picture.

As a single piece they appear to be nothing but a broken piece of tile or glass but when they are put together, they create something beautiful.

Our lives can be a lot like a mosaic; it is only when you start connecting all the pieces together that you start to get a complete picture. YOU

You are not any single piece of the mosaic; you are the sum of all the pieces of your life.

Everything that has happened, everything you have felt, everything you have done, has created the mosaic that is your life to date.

Without every single piece your mosaic would be incomplete and you wouldn’t be the perfect and unique Being that you are.

Love every aspect of your life, every little piece fits perfectly in place to create the beauty that is you.

The true beauty and perfection of a mosaic can only been seen from a distance.

View your life as a whole, where you are now, rather than looking at each piece separately.

M –Moments

O – Occurring

S – Synchronistically

A – Awakening

I – Inner

C – Creativity

Copyright © Sara Jane