Discover a World That Uses The Healing & Empowering Energy of Sound


Allow the Energy & Power of Sound to Unlock the Feelings of Joy, Laughter & Happiness within You


Allow the Power &  Energy of Sound to Unlock the Feelings of Calm, Relaxation & Comfort within You

Embrace The Energy & Power of Sound as it Unlocks the Feelings that Invigorate, Re-energies & Empower You

What is Vocal Reiki?

Vocal Reiki is a combination of Reiki Energy and Sound Energy in the form of Toning (the use of the voice, not singing). It is a powerful tool to support healing on a physical & emotional level.

It has been created by Sara Jane, a gift she feels she has been given to share with the world.

Discover how Sound can make you whole, connecting you with your Inner Child & the True You.

Open to Sounds that heal your life traumas, hurts, fears & insecurities.

Enter a world where you live in peace & love with yourself and all that surrounds you through Sound.

Feel the Power & Energy of Sound as it Unlocks the Doors & Frees Your Inner Child.

Learn how Sound Energy works & experience a short demonstration in the video below

Sara hopes you enjoy exploring the website, learning about Vocal Reiki in the Videos and Interviews she has given and experiencing Sound Baths, Meditations and Exercises which are all shared here for you.