A Mountain’s Advice

By Sara Jane

When you look at a mountain, what do you see?


Is it an obstacle or is it a challenge?


Something that stops you in your tracks or something that is a challenge to overcome and support you to learn and grow?


Have you ever spent any time in the mountains?


What did you see?


Were there trees and plants growing round boulders and scree paths?


Were there any wild animals foraging for food or just playing in warm sunshine?


Was there snow on the ground with the whole landscape painted white?


Did you stop and listen to the silence, the song of the Earth away from the hustle and bustle of human life?


Nature has so much to offer us, if we but have eyes to see and ears to listen.


Copyright © Sara Jane 2023

Below you will find one of the series “Advice from…”



Advice from a Mountain

By Ilan Shamin


Dear Friend

Reach New heights

Savour life’s peak experiences

There is beauty as far as the eye can see


Stand in the strength of Your True Nature

Be uplifting

Follow the trails of the Wise Ones

Protect and preserve timeless beauty,

silence, solitude, serenity,

flowing rivers,

ancient trees


Rise above it all

Make solid decisions

Climb beyond your limitations

Leave no stone unturned

Never take life for granted


Get to the point

Patience, patience, patience

Life has its ups and downs

Let your troubles vanish into thin air

To summit it all up

It’s the journey step by step

Rock on!