A River’s Advice

By Sara Jane

Below you will find one of the series “Advice from…”

Having read it and always having loved being by streams and rivers, listening to the sound of the water, watching it tumble its way over rocks and stones, it spoke to me, so I have decided to share it here for you.

I always remember being told “still waters run deep”.

When we are still, we can take a deep dive into our own depths and realise there is so much more to us than others know or can even imagine.

More to us than we have allowed ourselves to explore, that supports us on this journey we call life.

Think of your life in terms of a river; at its source, its birth a little trickle of water, that grows and expands the further downstream it goes. Combining its waters with that of other streams and rivers, flowing ever onward through mountains and valleys, bringing life to the land that it touches, until it reaches the sea.

Advice from a River

By Ilan Shamin


Dear Friend

Go with the flow

Be thoughtful of those downstream

Slow down and meander

Follow the path of least resistance for rapid success


Immerse yourself in nature,

Trickling stream

Roaring waterfalls

Sparkles of light dancing on water

Delight in life’s adventures around every bend

Let difficulties stream away


Live simple and gracefully in Your own True Nature

Moving, flowing, allowing

Serene and on course

It takes time to carve the beauty of the canyon

Rough waters become smooth

Go around the obstacles

Stay current


The beauty is in the journey!

Orbs at St Nectans Waterfall

Rivers and streams are the life blood of our beautiful planet.



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