Who is Sara Jane

Sara Jane is the sum of her experiences, how she has reacted to them and how they have made her feel.

So what are these experiences?

Sara was born in 1958 and the following year just before her first birthday an accident resulted in her spending 3 months in a hospital burns unit. 

This was at a time when parents couldn’t stay with their children (there is more detail if you would like to read it in her early blogs ~ see the blogs page, Sara also shares in her interviews, see the videos page).

The accident left her feeling very rejected, unloved and unwanted; for the next 37 years she existed as a “people pleaser” always trying to second guess what others wanted and would be grateful for with the hope that they would like her.

Sara excelled at retail, becoming an area manager and following redundancy moved on to office management and eventually after several more redundancies ended up working in Insurance.

It was during her Insurance years that her wake-up call came in the form of a broken jaw (broken by the dentist when extracting a wisdom tooth). The break wasn’t diagnosed for a week and the resulting 6 months of pain and sleepless nights left her exhausted and too tired to keep living a life of constantly trying to second guess what others would be pleased with.

Who was she? Sara really didn’t know but knew it was time to find out. This period took its toll on her marriage and then Sara was told by work that she could either move to the new company that was taking them over or be made redundant.

Everything was on the move and she took the challenge. Sara moved with the company on a secondment and then took redundancy at the end of it but stayed in Bournemouth, walking straight into another job.

Then she found complementary/alternative therapies and studied Reiki & Metamorphic Technique becoming a practitioner of both. Sara studied anatomy & physiology and learnt Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Ear Candling and Quantum Touch. She also discovered Sound in the form of Toning, the use of the voice and loved it.

All of these and other practises supported her own healing process of the hurt around her childhood traumatic experiences and today she is helping others through her own complementary practise, especially with the Energy of Sound she calls Vocal Reiki, to heal their inner child and connect with their true self, just as she has been able to do.

So who is Sara Jane?

Sara Jane is the Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, someone who has come from very shaky beginnings and many doubts about herself and her abilities, to believe and trust in herself, in what she does and what she offers to those who are ready to heal their hurt, pain and fears from childhood traumas. Sara works from her heart, from a place of love, caring and support.

Sara was a speaker at both Messenger Summit held in 2012, the first in March in San Diego, California and the second at Yosemite, California. Since then has spoken at several venues in the UK, as well as offering taster sessions at Fairs & Events throughout the UK.

At the GrandMother Drum weekend, held at River Valley Retreat, Taunton in July 2013, Sara attended a Spirit Walk with White Eagle Medicine Woman and during that session received guidance to include the energy of crystals in her Sound work.

Life is ever changing and she is loving every minute of it.

Sara loves the outdoors and taking photographs (all the photos on this website have been taken by Sara or are of Sara).

Sara with one of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust’s Wolves
Baby Jane
Jane with Baby sister Gillian
Sara before Paragliding
Sara & her Mum
Sara on a Zipwire
Sara in Egypt

Her love of animals lead her to become a member of The UK Wolf Conservation Trust in 1998 and it was through the Trust that she heard about a project to Romania to track Wolves and Lynx in the Carpathian Mountains with the Scientific Exploration Society in conjunction with the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project lead by Christoph Promberger. 

Sara joined this project in February 2000 and spent two weeks in the Carpathian Mountains (what an amazing experience).

Between 2001 and 2010 she has also been involved in working with adults with learning difficulties and in May 2005 organised a project to Idaho, America. A small group of five people including two with learning difficulties spent three weeks visiting the Nez Perce, learning about their history and culture, exploring Idaho and Yellowstone Park “what a beautiful part of the world and we saw so much wildlife”.

Some fun facts – Sara likes to experience new things, she has flown a Helicopter, Abseiled off the Water Tower in Poole, Dorset, gone Quadbiking, ridden a Camel, climbed Scarfel Pike, Lake District, England, Snowdon in Wales & Ben Nevis in Scotland. She has also swum with wild Dolphins in Egypt, a 50th Birthday present to herself.

For her 60th Birthday, Sara did a Wing Walk & the mile long Zipwire experience in North Wales.