Wake Up Calls

Wake Up Calls: What Are They & What Is Their Meaning? By Sara Jane What do you understand by the term “wake-up call”? For me it is when life throws you a curved ball, something totally unexpected, that really shakes up your life and, in some cases, your whole world. Many of us have had […]

A Mountain’s Advice

A Mountain’s Advice By Sara Jane When you look at a mountain, what do you see?   Is it an obstacle or is it a challenge?   Something that stops you in your tracks or something that is a challenge to overcome and support you to learn and grow?   Have you ever spent any […]

A River’s Advice

A River’s Advice By Sara Jane Below you will find one of the series “Advice from…” Having read it and always having loved being by streams and rivers, listening to the sound of the water, watching it tumble its way over rocks and stones, it spoke to me, so I have decided to share it […]

Learning versus Remembering

Learning versus Remembering By Sara Jane Are we here to learn? Is life a lesson, a school? Or are we here to learn and unlearn so that we can remember who we are and that we already know all there is for us to know? There are many that believe that our Soul already knows […]

Trauma & the Inner Child

Trauma & the Inner Child By Sara Jane On the day of writing this, I saw the following quote in a LinkedIn post: “When you felt bad as a kid, who did you speak to? Children don’t get traumatised because they get hurt. Children get traumatised because they’re alone with their hurt” Quote: Gabor Mate, […]

Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love

Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love Shared by Sara Jane I have been waiting for inspiration as to what to share with you this month and then this morning it came to me what I am meant to share with you here. Yesterday whilst I was teaching Level II Reiki, I shared an Archangel Michael […]

Life: Your Soul’s Journey

Life: Your Soul’s Journey By Sara Jane Whatever your beliefs, I believe we are all Souls that choose to have a physical existence so that we can experience many different things. Our Soul was born into love and exists in love and the only way it can know itself and other than love, is to […]

Let Go of The Old ~ Embrace the New

Let Go of The Old ~ Embrace the New By Sara Jane Not all old things are bad, not all new things are good Letting Go, we have all heard this said many times I am sure but what does it really mean? There is another saying “Let Go and Let God” You can also “Release to […]

Feelings Speak

Feelings Speak By Sara Jane Feelings and sensations in your body, do you listen to them? Do you understand what they are trying to tell you? Yes your body and feelings do “speak” to you but we have to learn how to interpret the “way” they speak to us, as it is not in words […]

Listen to Understand

Listen to Understand By Sara Jane Why is it that when we get together in a group, especially a family group that it is so noisy with everyone vying to speak at the same time? Why do so many of us interrupt someone whilst they are still speaking, not listening to all they have to […]