Curiosity is the Foundation of Life as we know it

By Sara jane

Why is curiosity considered a bad thing?

The old saying “curiosity killed the cat”, very much suggests that it is not safe to be curious about anything.

If you aren’t curious you can’t grow and learn.

Is the saying just another way that man has learnt to create fear in others, to limit them and stop them from thinking for them self?

Feed your curiosity, investigate, explore, expand your horizons.

Learn to question and be open to the answers.

Open your eyes, your ears and your heart to the world and people that surround you.

When you feel the first stirrings of curiosity, feed and water them as you would a seed.

As a seed turns into a plant, its roots grow and expand; let your research, your exploration expand your knowledge and awareness; just like those roots, feed and water your curiosity.

Curiosity is a good thing, it means you are alive and aware; don’t let the nay sayers deter you.

Where would we be without curiosity?

  • Curiosity helped man discover how to create a flame.
  • Curiosity discovered the foods we can eat.
  • “Let’s try” is your curiosity at work.


You are a Special and Unique Being here to learn and share in your own unique way.

Just as others bring gifts for you that your curiosity opens, so you bring gifts for others that their curiosity opens.

When you are true to yourself and follow the guidance of your heart “you pay it forward” by sharing with others.

Curiosity is an essential part of being human, without it you exist rather than live.

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