Exchange of Energy

By Sara Jane

Life is not about giving or receiving, it is about giving and receiving.

Yes, there will be times when you give not expecting to receive anything in return and there will be times when you receive a loving gift from another without expectation that you have to give them something in return.

However, in life to keep a balance it is important that there is an exchange of energy.

If you go into a shop or buy on-line the exchange is money.

Other exchanges can include, your time, your expertise or something that the other individual will find beneficial.

I don’t know about you but I know that in the past I have tried to guess what another may appreciate when asking if they would do something for me.

Along the lines of “if you could do this for me, I will do this for you”. Rather than asking, “what would you like/would be helpful for you, if you could please help me with?

Why is the exchange important?

It is about valuing ourselves and each other. Valuing people’s time and expertise, including your own.

Dr Mikao Usui came to understand the importance of this when he first discovered Reiki and started “giving sessions” without charge. He found that because it had no value to those receiving (it cost them nothing), it wasn’t working as it could.

So, he started charging and that made a difference.

When I first learnt Reiki, I was told, you are not charging for the Reiki, you are charging for your time and expertise – it made so much sense to me.

It is important to value ourselves and each other, the time and money we all spent learning our trade and the experience we gain over the years.

This doesn’t mean we cannot gift to others and them to us but it is important to be grateful and gracious in our acceptance, after all we are all worthy.

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