Holiness or Whole(i)ness

By Sara Jane

Fairly recently (at the time of writing this article) one of our guests on Gift of Healing TV’s, Today’s Conversation programs, chose the topic Holiness.

Being very honest, this left me feeling uncomfortable because although I was raised a Catholic, I have moved to being more spiritual and not following any religion.

As it turned out my co-hosts Patricia & David felt the same but we are always up for a challenge and it is good to be pushed outside your comfort zone.

Our guest Jack shared a little about himself and why this topic, I then asked David to share his thoughts. Literally as he started to speak a lightbulb went on in my head (or was it my heart) and I had the sudden understanding that it is all about Wholeness, which was exactly what David was saying.

What do I mean by wholeness?

I mean mind, body and spirit, being true to who we are, find your voice, speaking your truth, teaching people how to treat us by showing up for ourselves.

Being wholly who you are, may be considered selfish by some but that is most likely because they can’t control you, they can’t get their own way.

It isn’t selfish, being you is the greatest gift you can bring to the world, to the balance of life, the workings of life as a mechanism, our connectedness.

When we are true to ourselves, we are a fully functioning cog in the mechanism of life. Think about the workings of a clock, if one cog stops working or becomes out of alignment, the whole clock can stop working.

That is how important you being who you are meant to be is.

Trust your heart, feel your way through your life, listening to your intuition, gut instincts, be open to inspiration and follow what feels right for you.

Your Truth is your Holiness, your Whole(i)ness and it has nothing to do with religion.

If you would like to listen to the Today’s Conversation program, you can watch it Here

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