Integrity of Self

By Sara Jane

Integrity is a word we hear a lot, along with forgiveness, divine feminine, woo woo, equality and so many more.

What does integrity mean to you? Have you ever looked up its meaning?

This is what The Reader’s Digest Illustrated Dictionary (1984) says

“Strict adherence to a code of moral values, artistic principles or other standards: complete sincerity or honesty.

The state of being unimpaired; soundness

Completeness, unity”

We have been living in a time of very higher masculine energies, during which men have been “bullied” into being “strong” and not showing their feelings and women have felt impelled to tap deep into their masculine energies to compete in this masculine dominated world – is that really living in integrity with yourself?

Here are some points for us all to consider when thinking about integrity and our own behaviour.

Moral Values:

What are moral values and whose definition is it?

Different cultures and religions have varying moral values, around many differing aspects of life:

  • masculine and feminine
  • education
  • love, relationships
  • freedom of choice
  • life & death both human & animal


  • Standards vary, depending on your upbringing, family, friends, education.
  • What is acceptable to one, may be completely unacceptable to another and that can be within the same family, village, town or city, then you have Countries Worldwide.


  • At what stage can we genuinely feel unimpaired by our surroundings and society to live in full integrity with our self?
  • This will vary for us all; it depends on when we “wake up” to alternative ways of Being and living our lives. When we realise that we can let go of all or much of what we were taught and can make our own choices.


  • What does it mean to feel “complete”, “whole”?
  • Is it about feeling a balance of Yin & Yang and understanding that to live in integrity it is important to hold both the energies of our masculine and feminine?
  • That we should be true to and honour ourselves in the fullness of who We are.

For me Integrity starts with ourselves, with how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us.

Do you listen to your heart or your over thinking mind when it comes to your behaviour and reactions to other people and occurrences?

Have you questioned what you were taught as a child and been open to listening to alternative ways of understanding the world around you?

Are you open to the fact that there is no right way or wrong way, just the way that resonates with you in any given moment?

Do you accept that others have different beliefs and understandings to your own and that to live in integrity with ourself it is important to encourage others to live in integrity with their own beliefs, even if they are not our own?

Yes, there are a lot of questions here and it is for each of us to answer them as honestly as we can. We will not all have the same answers but to live in integrity with ourselves is to honour our beliefs and understand and honour that others do the same.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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