Learning versus Remembering

By Sara Jane

Are we here to learn?

Is life a lesson, a school?

Or are we here to learn and unlearn so that we can remember who we are and that we already know all there is for us to know?

There are many that believe that our Soul already knows everything and when we choose to have a human experience, we forget everything so that we are starting with a clean slate.

As infants and children, we have no point of reference, nothing on which to base all that we see, hear and experience against.

Thus we “learn” about ourselves and life from those around us, what we witness, hear and from our feelings.

As we grow and our experiences and connections expand, it is possible that our perceptions change, our understandings alter.

We begin to realise that we have choices, that what we have learned as a child, may not be right for us and that we can (a lot of the time with professional help), unlearn behaviours and patterns that may have served us to keep us safe as a child but that serve no purpose for us anymore.

As we unlearn the conditioning of our early years, we start to get a better sense of who we are, opening to insights, inspiration, intuition, gut instinct, Remembering.

Our early years are very much guided, controlled and even in some cases manipulated by the adults that surround us.

As we grow, we can start to take control of our own lives and make our own decisions, whether from our heart or our head or the 2 working together so that we can fully live our lives, experiencing what life has to offer at the same time as keeping us safe.

Learning is very much about being on this physical plain.

Remembering is about opening up to our connection with our Soul and the All that is.

If something feels right or wrong in your heart, your gut, listen to it, it is your Soul speaking to you.

Is it time for you to unlearn your perceptions of who you are, that were implanted by other’s judgements and conditioning, so that you can remember who you really are?

Think about the beliefs you have about yourself, where did they come from? Do you feel they are right and justified? Or is there something deep within you that is crying out to you to be heard?

Listen to that small voice, it has an important message to share with you.

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