Let Go of The Old ~ Embrace the New

By Sara Jane

Not all old things are bad, not all new things are good

Letting Go, we have all heard this said many times I am sure but what does it really mean?

There is another saying “Let Go and Let God”

You can also “Release to the Light with Love”

Some talk about offering a situation or circumstance to the Angels for their support.

For me Letting go isn’t about trying to get rid of something, it is more about giving it the freedom of choice and if it stays, the energies may be very different.

I suppose what I am saying is that you are letting go of trying to control something and that includes relationships. It is for each person within a situation to be true to themselves and that includes you.

Not everything or everyone that we would like to have in our lives wishes to be there. Any more than there will be times others want us to stay when we wish to leave.

When we let go of what we feel is no longer serving us, we make room for it to grow and for new to enter our own lives.

Should we embrace all that is new?

That is a choice for you to make.

Our world is moving so fast, technology seems to change every day but is it all for the good.

I have made some choices of my own – I love technology for the connections it supports me with all round the world. Enabling me to share on websites, social media, via videos and live programs but I have drawn the line at certain things that I feel are detrimental to, not just my health but to all of us and nature.

When something new comes along, I suggest making informed choices, research the “fine print” the things that are kept quiet and swept under the carpet because of the detrimental effects it can have.

It is for you to make the choices that resonate with you and respect the choices others make, in all situations.

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