Let Nature Be Your Guide

By Sara Jane

There is so much we can learn from Nature, patients, perseverance, to rest, to Be.

There is a lovely quote along the lines of “Nature doesn’t hurry but everything gets done”.

The seasons come and go, the sun shines, it rains and snows, the winds blow, the flowers bloom and turn into seeds and fruits.

None of it is a competition, each knows what they are here for and they do it, beautifying the world, feeding us and the rest of Nature.

Nature knows how to Be in balance and she takes care of us.

Pick an aspect of Nature and let yourself think about the process of its life, the cycle that it goes through.

You could take rain, it falls to earth, watering all that it falls on, adding to the rivers and streams, the lakes, oceans and seas.

The sun shines and it evaporates back up into the sky and forms clouds that again bring rain.

All very simply put but that is the cycle and it works beautifully to support life here on Earth.

Trees and plants drop their seeds and grow new plants supporting the cycle of life.

Animals have young, as do humans, to support the ongoing cycle of life.

How complicated are you making your life?

Nature keeps it simple; she has found what works to support all life, with the inclusion of fire, storms and floods, that in their own way support clearing and regeneration.

She understands the importance of rest, of allowing each plant to grow at its own pace.

She has created diversity to support the whole of nature and every creature has its place and worth.

Nature gives us food and healing plants; she supplies us with all we need to live and thrive.

When Nature is out of balance it affects all life, including our own as we are all intertwined.

Let Nature be your guide, look to her to live a fulfilled life and to evolve into the amazing being you are, just like the Butterfly discovering your wings following a period of change.

2020 was a very difficult year for many, was this our period of change and growth, can you now spread your wings and fly in the full glory of who you are as a part of our beautiful Natural World?

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