Life: What’s it all about?

By Sara Jane

Life. Have you ever asked yourself or thought about why you are here?

Many have and either we can’t answer the question or there are many different answers.

Are we here to earn lots of money?

Are we here to own a big house?

Are we here to have a big flashy car?

Are we here to travel the world?

Are we here to marry and have children?

Are we here to write an amazing piece of music or a best seller?

Are we here to win a race or competition?

Are we here to make a difference in someone else’s life?

Are we here to be of service or be served?

It could be all of these or none of them.

If you have asked yourself this question or asked it of others, think about the answer or answers you have received – do any of them resonate with you?

This is a question that seems to raise more questions than answers.

Having read the first 3 “Conversations with God” books by Neale Donald Walsch, I have found an answer that feels right for me.

We are here to experience.

Experience what? Everything.

Light & dark. Heat & cold. Wealth & poverty. Health & ill health, the list goes on.

Why would we do that I can hear some of you ask?

That is because, for me, you are thinking with your human mind, the monkey mind that sees “good” and “bad”.

Why would we choose anything that we label “bad”. We wouldn’t but our Soul does.

My understanding is that we all come from love, our Soul lives permanently in the light of love, connected to our Creator and to each other.

Therefore, our Soul only knows Love and takes the opportunity when it spends a short time inhabiting a human body, a flesh covered skeleton, to learn and experience itself more fully and it can only do this by choosing different experiences.

I am sure you have heard it said, “how can you know light if you don’t know the dark?”, “how can you know Love if you don’t know hate?”

So, I see it that we are here to get to know ourselves, to learn, to grow from the experiences we have chosen before we inhabit this body and will choose before we inhabit the next one.

So why are we here? We are here to experience all of the above and so much more over many lifetimes.

As each lifetime ends, we return to that place of Love, to fully encompassing being a Soul of pure love. A Soul that resides in us all, until we choose the next group of experiences that supports the growth and understanding of the beautiful Being that each and every one of us is.

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