Life: Your Soul’s Journey

By Sara Jane

Whatever your beliefs, I believe we are all Souls that choose to have a physical existence so that we can experience many different things.

Our Soul was born into love and exists in love and the only way it can know itself and other than love, is to have these physical experiences we call life.

There are aspects of life that are very similar for most of us, we are born, we go to school, we work, we may marry or have long term relationships, some will have children, we will die. We also experience so much during and in between those things.

In the Beginning:

We are conceived, spend up to 9 months in our mother’s womb and then experience birth. Many are placed into their mother’s arms and taken home, some have older and/or younger siblings and parents that go out to work.

There will be fun and happy times, there may also be sad, unhappy, even traumatic times as we grow up and eventually fly the nest.

All the experiences in our younger years shape us into the person that we become and for many that could be someone filled with insecurities.

Wake-up Call:

There may be many hints and nudges in our life, trying to guide us along a different path and if we don’t listen, then there is likely to be a big shake-up that will make us listen. With hindsight I like to think of mine as a gift from my Soul, although it didn’t feel like that at the time.

It really can feel as if your whole world is falling a part but it can also help us to make the changes that lead us to something so much better.

Becoming You:

I see it as a time in which we learn to let go of all the things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives, including behaviours, and helps us to find the true self buried beneath the debris of our old existence.

For me, I realised I had been existing not living and I opened to living my life and having experiences I would never have dreamed of allowing myself.

As we heal and let go of the past, our inner child finds comfort, love and caring, and can start to have fun, building up their confidence and yours.

Finding yourself is your gift to this world and he/she is right there inside of you waiting for you.

This journey we call life is just one such experience that our Soul has and no aspect of it is wasted, everything has a purpose and your Soul Thanks you for the gifts that you bring it.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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