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Today's Conversation:

We Are Worthy with Guests Bukeka Blackmore

Friday 12th March ~ 9am PST - 12pm EST - 5pm GMT

Enolia & Sara are joined by Bukeka Blackmore, the creator of Travel BukekaStyle and co-owner of FABUtainment TV.

We are worthy!

Not because of what we know, not because of what we do, it's simple because we are.

Our worth is inherent, invaluable and embedded in our DNA. We are born to be great and are fully equipped to create not just things or entities but experiences that are an extension of the power that created each and every individual.

Romans 8:12 Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the power of your mind.

The world in its physical nature is temporary and if we focus on the physical it reminds you of limits, short lived, and there is an expiration.

When we understand that we are not of the world, we are unlimited and eternal. We are worthy. unlimited, and eternal.