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Wednesday 18th May ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Gift of Healing TV: Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls

Forgiveness of Self

Kellan Fluckiger joins Sara Jane to talk about and share their thoughts and experiences of Self Forgiveness.

Forgive yourself – What for? Why would you need to do that?

We have all been taught about forgiving others but most of us never heard anyone say anything about forgiving yourself and what that actually means.

Wednesday 25th May ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Trauma: The Hidden Dragon with Mary Wolken

Trauma is hidden in plain sight within our body tissues and organs, our mind, brain and nervous system from conception.

Do we have a chance to living a calm, healthy and happy life cloaked in this traumatic energy?

How does the old, ancient and newer traumas affect us and how we handle physical mental and emotions crises?

Can we reset, release and learn from these hidden challenges?

Join Sara Jane, Enolia & their Guest Mary Wolken PhD. Trauma, Memory and Learning Improvement specialist, as they explore these questions and share answers from their own experiences.

Wednesday 8th June ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

The Systems of I Am with Divesh Sreekeessoon

Please join Enolia and Sara Jane as they welcome Divesh Sreekeessoon to Today’s Conversation.

Divesh will discuss "I AM" as it pertains to human consciousness.

There are many systems that are designed to have us forget about our roots and many people have lost contact with their human consciousness.

How do we reconnect?

Div shares how we can reconnect, why our inner child and nature are very important, and how we can use modern technology to flourish and stay connected.

When you join us live for what will no doubt be a powerful and enlightening conversation, you can share your thoughts and ask questions in the live chat.

Wednesday 22nd June ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Arcturian Affirmations with Patricia Iris Kerins

52 Weeks Of Arcturian Affirmations is the new book by this weeks guest Patricia Iris Kerins (all profits are going to the Ukraine Humanitarian Aid fund).

Patricia will explain what Arcturian Affirmations are and how they can benefit us and we will be discussing Affirmations in general:

  • What they are
  • How to use them
  • How they work
  • The benefits each of us has gained from using them on a daily basis

If you have never used affirmation before or if you have used them regularly, there should be something for everyone in this program.

Join us live and you can ask questions and share your thoughts in the chat

Wednesday 29th June ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls: Creating New Earth with Guest Sarah Chave

It is time to birth a new future! The transformation of the external world starts with each of us as individuals. Let us work together to make this change, to be the change we want to see in the world!

As the world of competition and exploitation is failing, we have the choice to step away and do things differently. To birth a future that is a reflection of our souls acquired wisdom and our deep connection with Mother Earth.

  • What can we create together?
  • What can we dream into being?
  • What does the new earth that we wish to build look like?

Join Sara Jane & Sarah as they explore the possibilities of a new and better future for us all and feel free to join in, in the live chat.