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Time: PDT - 12.30pm ~ EDT - 3.30pm ~ GMT - 7.30pm

Did you know you can decide not to be treated by traditional medicine and that if you elect the natural route, the products are covered under Private Medical Cover. The power of Big Pharma, we are led to believe this is not the route we should follow. 

Considering the natural route.

  • Make sure you know what ingredients are in the products and ask your GP if you are worried. Check for contraindications.
  • There are many plants that are medicinal and have health benefits, always research and check out the suppliers.
  • Memory can be improved in vascular dementia; Heart health can be improved and so much more


It is for all of us to remember our health is our responsibility and eating healthily, being out in sunshine, mental stimulation are all aspects of that.

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Time: PDT - 11.30am ~ EDT - 2.30pm ~ BST - 7.30pm

Frank Byrum joins the team to share their thoughts, practices and experiences on Mindfulness as a pathway to self-healing.

They will share a little of their own a journey to healing including:

  • re-considering the faith of my youth
  • Early childhood experiences
  • Wake-upcall, new beginnings
  • Deep self-healing.


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Time: PDT - 11.30am ~ EDT - 2.30pm ~ BST - 7.30pm

Joy Fraser joins the Today’s Conversation to talk about Reiki & Synchronicity.

Many people refer to them as coincidences but the deeper we dive into energy work, the more we start to realise that there is more to it than that.

That these “things” that keep happening support us, help us and guide us, if we are open to listening.

Joy has already written one book and is often asked if she would write another.

She says it would have to be called the Never-Ending Story, as since Reiki came into her life, synchronicity abounds.

Do you ever go to bed with a thought in your mind and wake up to the answer? Joy does frequently.

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