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Wednesday 14th December ~ 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST- 7.30pm GMT

Today's Conversation: Serving the Elderly with Deborah Crowley

Deborah Crowley joins Enolia & Sara Jane to discuss how it is not going unnoticed that our elderly are being neglected.

Are we too busy to care or just do not have time to provide them with the nurturing and the grounds for them to continue living the rest of their life prosperous and happy.

While older adults comprise just 12% of the population, they make up approximately 18% of suicides. Why is it that an elderly can take care of 3-10 children and it’s hard to take care of one?

Join Deborah Enolia and Sara Jane to discuss this important and powerful topic and feel free to join in, in the live chat.

Wednesday 28th December ~ 11.30am PST - 2.30pm EST- 7.30pm GMT

Today's Conversation: Right Around the Corner with David McLeod & Scott Holmes

Many men today are arriving at a turning point, a pivot point in their lives. They are waking up from their automatic sleep-walking routines and lifting themselves into higher consciousness. They are taking stock of their life’s journey so far, wondering how they got where they are, and thinking about what’s next for them. They are questioning their understanding and belief systems. They are reviewing (and perhaps regretting) some of their past choices, they are wondering what happened to all the happiness and fulfillment they thought was on the horizon, and they are seeing that things aren’t quite what they dreamed of when they were younger.

And now, they have new desires and questions that need to be answered:

  • What brought me to this point of consciousness?
  • Now that I’m aware, how can I expand that presence?
  • What tools are available to me?
  • How do I find my way to “the right path”?
  • Who can I turn to for guidance and mentorship?

In this conversation, David McLeod & Scott Holmes, co-authors of the best-selling and award-winning book “Find Your Voice, Save Your Life, Vol 4: Transcendent Men, Real Stories”, join Sara Jane & Enolia, as they share what they have learned in their own paths towards Transcendence.

David and Scott understand that at that point in life where we arise into awareness, wonderful changes happen. Sometimes rapidly, overwhelming us; sometimes slowly, inviting awareness to blossom gently. How we allow these changes to manifest and integrate within us determines the way awareness grows on the spiritual, energetic, physical, and emotional planes.

Wonderful gifts are available to you, too! And they’re Right Around the Corner.