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Wednesday 28th July ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Today's Conversation:

Working Together: Benefits, Strengths & Weaknesses with Jaki King

Sara & Enolia are joined by Jaki King founder of If Everyone Cares and for a powerful and enlightening discussion on Working Together: Individually, in Communities and Businesses.

They will share from their own experiences, Jaki as the founder of a not for profit that works with a supports Charities, Good Causes and Community projects and Sara & Enolia from previous work experience and running their own businesses, discussing the advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you are an individual, an individual running your own business, work for a charity or big corporation, there is bound to be something for all in this conversation.

Join them live and you can ask questions + feedback in the live chat.

Friday 13th August ~ 9am PDT - 12pm EDT - 5pm BST

Today's Conversation:

Self-Responsibility: From Powerlessness To Sovereignty with Chloe Cordero

Today we are shifting into a new approach of living, from co-dependency to autonomy, from victimhood to taking responsibility for everything in our lives.

We don't realise this but often times we tend to serve from a place of unworthiness and lack of self-esteem. And we cannot contribute to the highest good by serving our own childhood unmet needs.

For many of us we haven’t understand how to serve elsewhere than from ego because we simply didn't know better. Once we are guided to serve from our soul, we shed a lot of old habits to fully embrace our life purpose.

This is why making shadow work a priority in our lives and a constant practice is crucial to build our new Earth and a different society. Being a sovereign being today means constantly making the choice of self-responsibility (shadow work) for our experience and act accordingly.

Join them live and you can ask questions + feedback in the live chat.

Wednesday 25th August ~ 11.30am PDT - 2.30pm EDT - 7.30pm BST

Today's Conversation: It Is Always Your Choice

We have many choices to make in our lives and sometimes it can feel very much like “Hobson’s Choice”, which is the lesser of the 2 “Evils” but it is still our choice.

Even doing nothing is a choice, sitting “on the fence” and waiting to see which way we fall, is choosing.

In this program Sara & Enolia are going to touch on what they believe are some of the most important choices we can make to help us to feel better about ourselves, happier and more fulfilled in our lives.

  • Is it OK to choose to love yourself?
  • Is it OK to say No to others?
  • Is it OK to let go of some of what we have been taught?
  • Can we make a “wrong” choice? And accepting the outcomes.

And if you have any thoughts you would like us to add to this list, please feel free to message us and/or join us for the live program and ask/share in the chat.