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Today's Conversation: Truth & Busting the Myths within The Mind, Body & Spirit World!

Guest Ian McFadyen

Time: PDT - 11.30am ~ EDT - 2.30pm ~ BST - 7.30pm

Blowing the myths of the crystal and mind body and spirit world!

Ian joins the team as they discuss his findings over the past decade regarding:

  • Fake or synthetic crystals
  • Sound tools purporting huge claims
  • The problems with operating within s self-regulated industry.
  • How to sort through trainings of value in this overcrowded marketplace 


We’d love you to join us for the live program during which you can share your thoughts and ask questions in the chat.

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls: The A Train to Sedona

With Linda Marsanico

Time: PDT - 11.30am ~ EDT - 2.30pm ~ BST - 7.30pm

Linda shares the reasons for writing the book, the practice of choosing love over fear in our daily decisions on the spiritual path.

There are 12 tips discussed in “The A Train to Sedona,” as guideposts, along the way and they will be sharing their thoughts on these for you.

As we partner with others, we have reactions to these interactions. This gives us an opportunity to look in the metaphorical mirror to ask what this says about us, what we can learn from this.

In this way unconscious material can make its way into our conscious mind: we can integrate the information.

Linda believes that assertion is an essential skill as self-love and compassion rest upon this ability. She defines assertion as getting needs met while respecting the rights of others.

Moving toward the light is encouraged by seeing ourselves clearly, by healing conflicts, by letting go of what does not serve.

Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls: Light Language

With Angelina Kedge

Time: PDT - 11.30am ~ EDT - 2.30pm ~ BST - 7.30pm

What is Light Language, also known as the Language of Light?

In this short program Sara Jane & Angelina will share their thoughts and what being able to speak it means to them.

They will each share a short message and a short conversation that your heart and soul will understand but your mind, ego is unlikely to be able to translate.

Learn more about how this gift can touch you at a much deeper level than the words we use daily.

Join Angelina and Sara Jane for the live program to ask questions and share your experience in the chat.