Other Websites

Here you will find a little information about Sara’s other websites + links to them and a few other people’s websites that Sara is collaborating with on projects.

Sara is the founder and main host of Gift of Healing TV which shares interviews with experts & practitioners from around the world about healing practices and techniques + meditations, exercises both physical & cognitive and more. You can check out the Upcoming shows and back catalogue HERE

In 2009 Sara became aware that she was a channel for many Beings in the Mythical Realm, including the Dragons that guard over Earth’s Crystals. On their website you will find Messages & Wisdom, Meditations & more HERE 

Yosiji’s music is for relaxation, meditation & dis-covering our Real Nature.
He studied composition & writes contemporary classical music for various instruments and& vocalists, ensembles, wind and& symphony orchestras. Currently he is focusing on music for (guided) meditation & relaxation in the service of our Awakening: dis-covering our True Nature, our Timeless Being.

You can learn more about Yosiji on his Website & Yosiji’s YouTube Channel 

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a widely recognised expert and composer in the field of Sound & Colour Healing! You can learn more about Jill and her work HERE

Jill & Sara are currently collaborating on a poetry book, Sara’s words and Jill pictures, There is also the possibility of further collaborations.

Jos, of Yosiji Music, has created a video of one of my spoken and one sung Soul Wisdom messages you can watch & listen to it below.