Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love

Shared by Sara Jane

I have been waiting for inspiration as to what to share with you this month and then this morning it came to me what I am meant to share with you here.

Yesterday whilst I was teaching Level II Reiki, I shared an Archangel Michael Cutting the Ties Meditation Channelled by Haridas at Mount Shasta during a 9-day intensive in October 1998.

As part of the information shared with the meditation Archangel Michael tells us that he has at his disposal Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love.

It is probably best that I share it in his words rather than try to paraphrase.


“Any time that you feel you are not holding the love energy in your hearts and fear may enter your minds, or any time that you feel you are being unfairly pressed by the dark brothers and sisters or by any other energy whose desire it is to interfere with you and get you to become unfocused in the love and the light, call upon me for a pillar of light. Again, I cannot give you a pillar of light unless you ask because you have the free will to suffer or not suffer. If you suffer, I feel compassion and love for you, but I cannot do anything else about it. Call upon me for pillars of light, I will show you how this works. Archangel Michael, surround me with the pillar of light. When you make the request, I will know that you want it. You might think, well I will not call upon Michael very often for a pillar of light because I don’t want to bother him, he must be busy. These are energies which stem from feelings of unworthiness. As Kutumi told you, each and every one of you are worthy. I am charged by Mother/Father God to provide as many as ask for pillars of light with the pillars of light. If I don’t have anything to do, how will I pass the time? It is possible that I might get bored with no pillars of light to pass down. You might say how can I be in a million, 2 million, 5 million places at once. I have the legions of light under my command and the legions of light also provide you with love, pillars of light and protection.

So let us now collectively invoke a pillar of light. To do this you will just need to follow my words.

Archangel Michael…give me a pillar of light now!

See the electric blue come down? Silver and gold energies. It is so simple”


Thank you, Archangel Michael, for your loving protection and wisdom.


You can listen to Sara read this share by clicking on the image above