Sunrise: Dawn of a New Day

By Sara Jane

There are many cycles in life; birth and death, we go to school and finish school (that is when the learning really starts), a job starts and finishes, relationships start and finish, sunrise and sunset.

You don’t have to wait for a new day, a new week, a new year to make a new start in your life, you can choose to do it right now.

You are still reading, OK so not right now then.

With every sunset you have the chance to look back at your day:

What was important to you?

What made you smile and laugh?

What saddened you?

What did you achieve?

Who did you make laugh?

How much time did you spend with yourself?

How much exercise did you do?

How much sunshine did you get?

How stressed did you get?

How much time did you spend with family and /or friends?

How much time did you spend working?

How fulfilled do you feel?

How much time did you spend procrastinating?

Did your day turn out the way you hoped it would?

Only you can answer these questions and there may be some you would like to add to that list.

As the sunsets, allow yourself to reflect on the day, what could you do differently tomorrow to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, being with the people you wish to spend your time with, giving yourself more me-time?

Let yourself sleep, open to your dreams, they are messages from your soul.

As the sun rises and a new day begins, know that you have choices, make them, stick to them, don’t be side-tracked.

Get the tasks done swiftly, to give you the time for the more important people and things in your life.

As the sun rises let your light rise with it, there is a beautiful light within you that is waiting for you to show it to the world.

It is time to declutter your life, those things that are hiding your light, let the sun rise within you, feel its warmth, its love, its joy.

This is who you are.

As you open the curtains and let in the sunshine, throw back the curtains that are shielding your light from the world.

Let the sun shine into your life and let your sun shine light the way for others, giving them permission to let their own inner sun rise.

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