Life: Your Soul’s Journey

Life: Your Soul’s Journey By Sara Jane Whatever your beliefs, I believe we are all Souls that choose to have a physical existence so that we can experience many different things. Our Soul was born into love and exists in love and the only way it can know itself and other than love, is to […]

Live Large: The Cameras are Flashing

Live Large: The Cameras are Flashing By Sara Jane Are you living large or acting small? Are you the leading lady or man in your own life or playing a supporting role? I spent so many years playing a bit part in my own life. Hard to believe now, I know but so very true. […]

A Dream Hidden in a Puzzle

A Drea​m Hidden in a Puzzle: That’s Life By Sara Jane Your Soul dreams of experiencing so many different things, after all, all it knows is love. Your Soul chooses experiences and your special gift for this life time and hides them in pieces scattered throughout your life, like a jigsaw puzzle. Like a jigsaw […]

Become the Best YOU

Become the Best YOU By Sara Jane “Life challenges aren’t here to break you. Life’s challenges are here to mould, refine and make you into all you were intended to become” ~ Billy Cox Firstly, to me, we are all born perfect. Perfect for the life and experiences we have chosen. Our experiences as a […]

Treat Yourself to Exploring the World Around You

Treat Yourself to Exploring the World Around You By Sara Jane “Be Bold. Take Risks. Nothing Can Substitute Experience” Paulo Coelho Are you living your life or just going through the motions of day to day existing? When was the last time you treated yourself to a new experience or explored a new area or […]