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Heart or Head

Heart or Head:

Do you take Things to Heart or into Your Head?

By Sara Jane

I think most of us have heard the saying “taking things to heart” but have you thought about what that really means?

For me it always meant that if someone did or said something that “hurt” me or caused me “pain”, that I took it personally, that it was potentially an insult or slight against me, a judgement that I wasn’t good enough and that there was something wrong with me.

Suggestion, think about what that saying “means” to you, how would you interpret it?

Situations in which you could “Take things to heart”

  • Told you are stupid or an idiot
  • Being told you are a waste of space
  • Being belittled by a parent, teacher, friend, classmate
  • Being ignored, overlooked
  • Break-up of a friendship
  • Break-up of a relationship, engagement, marriage
  • Someone who is just very rude to you, it could be a complete stranger
  • And I am sure you can come up with many more

When we “feel” emotional hurt or pain do we really take them to heart?

Recently I was part of a Today’s Conversation program in which our guest talked about taking things to heart and it suddenly hit me, we don’t take it to heart, we take it straight to our head, our mind, our ego which then weaves stories around what has been said or done, usually making us “feel” a lot worse than we need to.

What do I mean by this?

So much of our pain and feelings of rejection come from the thoughts that we have about situations, if we try to step outside those feelings and raging thoughts and view the whole situation from the outside in, rather than the inside out, we can hopefully see the bigger picture.

If you have ever finished a relationship, friendship, you have done it because it is the right thing for you, not because you wish to hurt the other person or people. And it is very important for us all to be true to ourselves.

Opening our mind to all sides of the “story” won’t stop us from feeling hurt but it can stop the tirade of negative thoughts that “add fuel to the fire” of pain.

The thought that came to me was that if we truly took things to our heart, we would wrap it in love, care, consideration and understanding, not the poor me, why me etc trap that we fall into all too easily.

Suggestion: If there is something going on at the moment or next time something happens and you find yourself in your head “thinking” it is your heart that is hurting, where is the real source of your pain?

Yes things others do or say can hurt us but we don’t have to wallow in that pain and hurt. Acknowledge (hopefully) be grateful for the experiences and time together and as best you can, let it go.

What has happened is unlikely to be a reflection of anything you have done but it is about what is going on in the other person’s life, it is their stuff not yours.

Love yourself enough to accept an ending gracefully, have your tears and then turn round and be ready for the new doors that are opening for you

You can listen to Sara read the article by clicking on the image above

Copyright © Sara Jane 2022

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul

By Sara Jane

Have you ever thought what intuition is?

Where does it come from?

How does it make you feel when that thought appears from “nowhere”?

To me our Soul guides us through our Heart in the form of intuition and feelings.

Recently something has happened which has awaked something from the past and my thoughts have been racing.

Confusing thoughts as they appeared to be coming from, for want of a better way of putting it “different directions”.

At the end of last week (w/e 13th May’18) I started trying to make sense of it when I felt what I believe to be Intuition kicking in.

It felt as if I was being told that our mind has 2 different on switches

  • When it is connected to the Heart
  • When it is disconnected from the Heart

Which to me is why I felt the thoughts were coming from different directions.

One set of thoughts felt sensible, logical, loving and caring, the others felt dispassionate, thoughtless, uncaring – not really who I am.

There are still aspects of confusion for me in this because I would always share be kind to yourself, what feels right for you, listen to your Heart and what is right for you is right for others around you.

Let me however clarify, when I say “what is right for you is right for others around you”, I’m talking about when you say “No” to others, when you do what feels right for you, when you accept “No” from others and follow what is right for you and let them do the same.

Trying to drag people into what you feel is right for you, is not allowing them to act on their own intuition and feelings.

So, when your thoughts start “dictating” other people’s actions and what will happen to them, these are when your mind is disconnected from your Heart.

When your thoughts allow all free will, the freedom to choose for themselves, when they stay out of trying to control a situation, that is when your mind is connected to your Heart.

Staying detached from an outcome allows everyone involved to be and do what is right for them.

I hope I have explained what I mean by this in a way you can understand because this intuition has, I feel, helped me to think about my thoughts.

Think about the ones that are constructive and from the Heart and destructive and from ego.

Intuition to me is Enlightenment an awaken of knowing, of understanding, of feeling fully present in a moment.

Thought/thinking are very powerful tools and how we use them and how much attention we pay to them can make a great difference in our lives.

To me our Soul speaks to our Heart and in turn our Heart speaks to us as Intuition which is put into words by our mind.

When we “hear/feel” those intuitive words it is up to us to keep the Heart/Mind connection to evaluate them so that we can act on them and bring them fully into our lives.

Intuition is a Gift we have all be blessed with, the more we listen to it and connect with it, the more we will experience and grow, the more our minds will stay connected with our Heart.


Copyright © Sara Jane 2018

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself

By Sara Jane

(If you would like to hear Sara Reading this article, you will find the video at the bottom of the page)

“I” is the most powerful word, whatever you put after it becomes your reality, especially when you give it real energy.

Be warned, keep everything positive.

I Want leaves you with the wanting

I Need leaves you with the Needing

Instead of I want Love or Need Love – I Am Love, be what you are seeking.

You have amazing power and that power lies within the “I”, the who you really are.

There are some friends of mind that work with “Shadow Work” and it dawned on me only this morning (which is why I am writing this now while the thoughts are still fresh in my head), Our comfort zone is in our shadow.

What do I mean by that?

For me our comfort zone is a place of fear, you think you are safe and you probably are, but it is not a place in which you can truly live your life.

It is a place of pleasing others, keeping the peace, not rocking the boat. A place of the humdrum, the so called “normal”. The place of follow the rules and don’t try anything different. The place where you listen to your head and not your heart.

So why do I say it is in our shadow?

Because to get out of your comfort zone you step back into yourself, you step back into listening to your heart, your intuition, your gut instincts; you are guided by what feels right for you and not the fear of what others may think.

You step into the light of the amazing being that you are and therefore everything outside of you is a shadow of who you are.

Let yourself take control of your own life; fear is false evidence appearing real.

Step out of your head and into your heart.

Think back on a time you did that; how did it feel? What reactions did you get from others? Did you even get a reaction from others and if it was a negative one, could that not just have been a bit of jealousy that you did and they didn’t?

I Am, is who you are. You are not a doing, you are a Being.

Have you heard the saying “A shadow of their former self”?

Whilst you live in your comfort zone, whilst you listen to your head and not your heart, you are a shadow of the person you really are.

A few of the affirmations I use daily are:

      ​* “I Am the Love of My Life”

      ​* “I Am Special, I Love me”

      * “I Am Open to all the Help & Guidance Offered to Me”

      * “I Am Love, Peace & Harmony”

It is OK to say these and believe them.

When I first started, I didn’t believe and then one day I realised, I do and it is OK; I Am Love, I Am Special, so is everyone else, we are all equal in our own unique way.

It is time to be OK with “I Am Me” whoever your “Me” maybe; be the unique Being you are, bring your special talents and gifts to the world, we are all waiting for them.

How do you “Feel” when you follow your heart?

How do you “Feel” when you listen to your head?

Only you can answer these questions and only you can decide how you are going to continue with your life from this moment on – “I Am” and live your life as a Being or “I do” and just exist because you are afraid of what others may think.

Say after me “I Am Special, I Love me” “I Am the Love of My Life”

Feel it, Mean it, Be it.

Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul