Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself Your Gut Instinct, Intuition, Inspiration By Sara Jane Do you completely trust yourself? Or do you doubt your feelings, your knowing’s as fanciful? It can be very easy to let the mind pooh hoo what are actually your deepest connection to your heart, your soul and the all that is, after all it […]

Thought v Thinking

Thought v Thinking By Sara Jane Thoughts got me thinking, is there a difference? According to the dictionary, the only difference is the tense. But I feel there is more to it than that. For me thinking is something that is very active and can be uncontrolled and controlled, it can also be productive and […]

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul By Sara Jane Have you ever thought what intuition is? Where does it come from? How does it make you feel when that thought appears from “nowhere”? To me our Soul guides us through our Heart in the form of intuition and feelings. Recently something has happened which has […]

Should You?

Should You? By Sara Jane When you hear someone say you really should do that – there is no “should” about it. It is your choice, listen to your gut instincts, your intuition, how does it feel to you? Is the person who has said it doing it? Or are they just telling you “you […]

What is a Hunch?

What is a Hunch? By Sara Jane Think about it for a minute, which feeling do you call “a hunch”? When I started to think about this I came to the conclusion that to me it is just another word for intuition or gut instinct. You get “a hunch” that something feels “right” or “wrong”; […]