Grandmother Ana: A Message from

A Message from Grandmother Ana Via Sara Jane It is only within the last year that I have become aware of Grandmother Ana, the mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus. You may be aware that I channel many Beings and for this message I felt very strongly that Grandmother Ana wished to share with […]

Listen to Understand

Listen to Understand By Sara Jane Why is it that when we get together in a group, especially a family group that it is so noisy with everyone vying to speak at the same time? Why do so many of us interrupt someone whilst they are still speaking, not listening to all they have to […]

Healing from Within ~ Listening to Yourself

Healing from Within ~ Listening to Yourself By Sara Jane Recently I had an experience/awareness that has helped me heal an aspect of my younger self. I was walking through some local woodland when I started thinking about the theme of a video share I was doing with Enolia (Today’s Conversation, a mini-series we are […]