Let Nature Be Your Guide

Let Nature Be Your Guide By Sara Jane There is so much we can learn from Nature, patients, perseverance, to rest, to Be. There is a lovely quote along the lines of “Nature doesn’t hurry but everything gets done”. The seasons come and go, the sun shines, it rains and snows, the winds blow, the […]

Ministry of Surprises

Ministry of Surprises By Sara Jane What do you consider to be a surprise? Something that someone does for you, something in nature, a chance happenstance or all of these? When was the last time you were surprised? Well for me it was last week and nature was the bringer, or was she? I became […]

Animals ~ All Natures Creatures

Animals ~ All Natures Creatures By Sara Jane A ~ All N ~ Nature I ~ Insects M ~ Mammals A ~ Aquatic Life L ~ Loved S ~ Special Animals, Nature, all Creatures, this is a topic very close to my heart. I have always loved animals and for many years as a child […]

A Scintilla of Hope

A Scintilla of Hope By Sara Jane Meaning ~ Scintilla – A Minute amount, a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling. E.g. “a scintilla of doubt” I have to admit to having to look up the meaning of this word, I have certainly heard of scintillation and scintillating but never scintilla. I […]

Nature Requires No Embellishment

By Sara Jane Embellish from the Latin bellus meaning “dress up (a narration) with fictitious matter” and To make more beautiful, as by ornamentation, adorn 26th October 2015 Today I was out for a walk and I was thinking about our Mythical Friends, especially those that have been depicted as evil and dangerous; specifically the Dragon […]