We Don’t Talk Anymore: Or Listen to Understand

We Don’t Talk Anymore: Or Listen to Understand By Sara Jane Families, the bigger they get with multiple generations, you either become very good at talking to each other, listening and doing your best to understand or you stop talking to each other and when you do talk, you don’t listen to understand but to […]

Falling is a New Beginning

Falling is a New Beginning By Sara Jane I took the picture above at Arne near Wareham in Dorset, England, it is a fallen tree that far from dying, has continued to grow sending its branches up like new trees. I love walking in nature, especially in woodlands and by streams. She offers us so […]

Obstacle or Obs”tickle”

Obstacle or Obs”tickle” Is it something to Tackle or Tickle? By Sara Jane I have to own up to not being the best at spelling (or typing come to that), so when recently I had to type the word obstacle, I spelt it with an “i” instead of “a”. Gratefully spell check came to my […]

You Didn’t Become Selfish You Became Harder to Manipulate

You Didn’t Become Selfish You Became Harder to Manipulate By Sara Jane We all have a story to tell: the story of our life the experiences we have gone through how they made us feel the affect those feelings had on our belief in ourself our wakeup call finding ourself our growth into who we […]

Exchange of Energy

Exchange of Energy By Sara Jane Life is not about giving or receiving, it is about giving and receiving. Yes, there will be times when you give not expecting to receive anything in return and there will be times when you receive a loving gift from another without expectation that you have to give them […]

Is it OK to Love Yourself?

Is it Ok to Love Yourself? By Sara Jane For many of us, we were not taught that it is OK to Love ourselves, be considerate, caring, thoughtful of ourselves. Many of us were taught that we always had to consider others and what we wanted wasn’t important. If you thought about yourself, you were […]

Grandmother Ana: A Message from

A Message from Grandmother Ana Via Sara Jane It is only within the last year that I have become aware of Grandmother Ana, the mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus. You may be aware that I channel many Beings and for this message I felt very strongly that Grandmother Ana wished to share with […]

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself By Sara Jane Challenge yourself to listen to your mind and the thoughts that run riot through it. Let yourself stop and analyse those thoughts. Are they thoughts from love or fear? Are they thoughts of support, encouragement? Or are they thoughts of uncertainty, reasons why you can’t/shouldn’t do something? Thoughts that helped […]

Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself Your Gut Instinct, Intuition, Inspiration By Sara Jane Do you completely trust yourself? Or do you doubt your feelings, your knowing’s as fanciful? It can be very easy to let the mind pooh hoo what are actually your deepest connection to your heart, your soul and the all that is, after all it […]

Holiness or Whole(i)ness

Holiness or Whole(i)ness By Sara Jane Fairly recently (at the time of writing this article) one of our guests on Gift of Healing TV’s, Today’s Conversation programs, chose the topic Holiness. Being very honest, this left me feeling uncomfortable because although I was raised a Catholic, I have moved to being more spiritual and not […]