Life: Your Soul’s Journey

Life: Your Soul’s Journey By Sara Jane Whatever your beliefs, I believe we are all Souls that choose to have a physical existence so that we can experience many different things. Our Soul was born into love and exists in love and the only way it can know itself and other than love, is to […]

A Message for Your Soul

A Message for Your Soul Via Sara Jane I feel I have been asked to share the message in the video below. I have found that I speak a language some call Light Language and I believe it to be our Soul Language. Whatever you choose to call it, for me it is not transcribable […]

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul

Intuition – Guidance from Your Soul By Sara Jane Have you ever thought what intuition is? Where does it come from? How does it make you feel when that thought appears from “nowhere”? To me our Soul guides us through our Heart in the form of intuition and feelings. Recently something has happened which has […]