Healthy Self-Analysis

Healthy Self-Analysis: Understanding the Part your Past Plays in Who You are Today By Sara Jane Self-analysis doesn’t have to be judgemental and critical; the truth is it shouldn’t be either of those things. It should be about learning about yourself and how your past experiences and the feelings they bought up in you, affect […]

Being a Channel for Sound Energy and More

Being a Channel for Sound Energy and More By Sara Jane Are you a channel? Would you like to be a channel? Could you already be on your journey of being a channel without realising it? This is my story, the story of how I became/discovered I am a channel. In 2002 I was looking […]

First ~ Winner ~ Leader

First ~ Winner ~ Leader By Sara Jane What does the word First mean to you? Is it being first, taking the first step, your first breath, the first time you did anything? What does Winner mean to you? Is it the person who won the competition, the prize, the most votes or is it […]

Quintessentially You

Quintessentially You: Find your Sparkle & Bounce By Sara Jane I thought I knew the meaning of quintessential but decided to look it up to be sure. Quintessential meaning Being most typical: expressing the essence of the thing or person specified. Having the nature of a quintessence; the pure, highly concentrated essence of something as […]

With Ease

With Ease By Sara Jane “All of life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory” I am sure I first heard this or something like it, to do with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I love affirmations and use them daily, so I have taken this and added “I accept with Love and Gratitude. […]

A Dream Hidden in a Puzzle

A Drea​m Hidden in a Puzzle: That’s Life By Sara Jane Your Soul dreams of experiencing so many different things, after all, all it knows is love. Your Soul chooses experiences and your special gift for this life time and hides them in pieces scattered throughout your life, like a jigsaw puzzle. Like a jigsaw […]

An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift

An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift By Sara Jane I suppose I should start with what I believe Life’s Greatest Gift to be. Love Love is the energy that brings Peace, Comfort, Healing and so much more into our lives. The Love that comes from within you, that is you. Love is the gift we […]

Masking Your True Identity

Masking Your True Identity By Sara Jane Worzel Gummidge is a character in a late 1970’s British children’s program, a walking, talking scarecrow who had 3 different heads for different occasions. How many heads or masks do you have? Are they all authentically you? And what is the difference between a head and a mask? […]

A Better Birth Experience

A Better Birth Experience By Sara Jane The Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki Sara Jane works with Sound Energy in the form of Vocal Reiki and specialises in supporting people to connect with and help heal their Inner Child. One of the ways she does this is by Toning their name. Having a short […]