Time to Forget

Time to Forget By Sara Jane Give yourself time to forget To just live in the Now Allow yourself time to stop To just be still   Listen to the sounds of silence The sound of your own Heart beating The sounds of Nature Hear the music that surrounds you   Let yourself Feel Feel […]

Humour ~ The Springboard to Your Soul

Humour ~ The Springboard to Your Soul By Sara Jane Humour, laughter, fun, joy, happiness – How do you feel when you experience these? Do you feel connected? Sadness, sorrow, anger, hurt, pain, annoyance, stress – How do you feel when you experience these? How connected do you feel to anything when you experience these? […]

Life: A Risky Business

Life: A Risky Business By Sara Jane Risk: the possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger What risks are you taking on a daily basis? Or do you prefer to live your life without taking any? Well here is some food for thought for you to consider “Doing nothing can be more risky than going […]

The Journey

By Sara Jane Your life is a journey from the day you are conceived into the physical world to the day you leave and return to the Spirit world. Yes you are Spirit having a physical experience and all the possibilities that that brings with it. Life is a precious gift, a gift of endless […]


Charity from the Latin “caritas” meaning Love, Regard By Sara Jane The definition of “charity” as per the “Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary” is “1. The provision of help or relief to the poor 2. An institution, organisation or fund established to help the needy or carry out other useful work 3. Something that is […]

Your Life is Like a Mosaic

Your Life is Like a Mosaic By Sara Jane What is a Mosaic? Can you picture one? Lots of different coloured pieces of glass or tile; little pieces that are all stuck together to create a picture. As a single piece they appear to be nothing but a broken piece of tile or glass but […]


Hope By Sara Jane Every night as you go to sleep you hold HOPE in your heart that you wake up and for the possibilities of the new day. Hope is what keeps so many going. Act on that Hope, what can you do to make your Hopes a reality? Don’t sit back and wait […]