Kathryn ~ I’m so grateful we met in Fort Collins and more grateful than I can possibly say for the healing you gave me there.

Joy It was wonderful to experience your singing of my name to me! I will never forget that. I resonated so strongly and for the first time ever gave me a feeling, that yes I am welcomed on this planet!

Tenaya ~ I changed my name about 15 years ago as part of healing from a challenging childhood. Although I had healed much from my childhood, when I discovered Sara’s work in using toning, I could feel that it would be beneficial for me. Indeed, the session was lovely and has had lasting impact. I felt Sara’s southing tone resonated deep within me to the child that yearned for tenderness. When we finished with the session, she gave me some suggestions for continuing the work with the child that were very helpful. Since that time, my own relationship to that wounded child within is changed and I feel more relaxed. Sara also used her toning on a problem area in my shoulder and it helped tremendously.

Sara is very caring and intuitive. She listens well and engaged me in my own healing.

David McLeod, Male, Facilitator/Coach, San Francisco, CA ~ “Sound Energy. It sounded a little too “woo-woo” for my tastes, but there was something about Sara that inspired me to give her “Sound Healing” process a try. And am I ever glad I did! The session we had together was both sweet and intense as Sara guided me into a deep connection with the little boy inside of me. Sara’s loving and nurturing presence created a very safe space for me to grieve the loss of my connection with “little Dave” for nearly 50 years, and to reconnect with him in a joyous celebration that I don’t think I could possibly describe in words. And even though the session took place almost a month ago, I can still feel the reverberations of that energy flowing through me. It is SO great to be back in a loving connection with my inner child. Let me just say this: if you want to heal a disconnect between your adult self and your inner child, I think you’ll find that Sara’s Sound Energy work will more than meet the need. And even if you don’t have such a wound to heal, treat yourself anyway! You’ll enjoy the experience immensely.”

Charlotte ~ Dorset, UK ~ “A sound energy session with Sara Jane is a wonderful spiritual experience. I felt relaxed and safe during the session, intuitively knowing where the energy coming through needed to be directed. I feel a lot lighter and happier since and I would definitely recommend sound therapy to everyone.”

Thank-you for a wonderful experience

I very much enjoyed our sound energy session. A few days afterwards I experienced a range of emotions and just decided to go with them as I felt I was releasing negative energy and as a result I feel a lot lighter.

Gilly ~ Middlesex, UK ~ just thought I’d drop you a line following my sound healing last Thursday. When I arrived, I assessed my level of pain as 7/10, by the time I left you, it was down to somewhere between 2 & 3/10. by the time I went to bed that night, the pain had completely gone! Amazing, thank you!

My intention for the session was to release the ‘I’ll never be good enough’ stuff, which is ancient and historic; and keeps coming up to bite me. Yesterday, I realised that I had let go, that it all felt different. I have been in such a great space since the session. Thank you again


“Sound is the New Medicine” ~ I heard Marguerita Vorobioff, a Life Coach, Vibrational Healer and Motivational Speaker, say this during the Conscious Wealth Summit 2012 and I believe she is right.

Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles supports the use of Music for healing. Many hospitals have started to encourage the playing of coma patient’s favourite music to them, with some amazing results.

I really wish I had written down the name of a surgeon when I read this on the internet in late 2012. What he said was “anyone operating without music playing is being negligent”.

I do not consider myself a healer; my belief is that the only person who can heal you is you. What I bring is a tool to help empower, activate your own self healing.

[I read an article in Agora Health on 8th February 2013 about Dr Jonathan Wright who has said “I’ve never healed a single patient in 40 years”. “What I do is very nearly nothing” “My patients heal themselves”. He has helped 35,000 patients walk away from his Tahoma clinic virtually symptom free. How has he done this? By empowering the patient’s own healing abilities with nothing more than simple, natural solutions.]