Releasing Your Insecurities

Date: Thursday 5th September

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm BST

Live On-line Maximum 5 People + In Person at Sara’s Home in Bournemouth

The Cost for this Gift to yourself is just £47 GBP

This is an interactive 2 hour workshop, the more you participate the more you will take away from it.

You are a very Special Being and many things have happened in your life.

What is Trauma? Or more to the point, who is to say what is traumatic to a child?

A single word can be traumatic, the loss of a beloved pet, a parent leaving, bullying at school, witnessing abuse, being abused, moving, the list goes on

Your Inner Child is waiting for you to reconnect with them and help them feel just how Special & Loved they are.

During this workshop you’ll:

     * Participate in an exercise thinking about and writing down some past experiences.

     * Sara will share some thoughts & suggestions with you to support you for Releasing & Letting Go, Forgiveness etc

     * Gentle meditation to meet the younger you/your inner child

     * The Balancing of your Chakras using Sound Energy

     * Tone your own name (everyone does this at the same time), strengthening your bond with your younger self

     * If there is time there will be a final meditation

If you would like to join this workshop, please email Sara at for further details.

(Please give at least 24 hours notice for joining this session – Thank you)