One to One Vocal Reiki Session

with Sara Jane

There are many different Sounds that are used today by Complementary/Alternative Therapists, these include Gongs, Drums, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Rattles, Music, Voice and more.

Sara combines Reiki with Toning, the use of the voice, not singing. There is a short video on the Home page which gives a brief and simplistic explanation of how Sound Energy works followed by a demonstration of the Toning.

One of the most powerful experiences clients have is when Sara Tones their name. The energy, the feeling that comes through is one of pure love and it is also an acknowledgment of who you are; the special person that is the true you.

When you were born you were born perfect. It is outside influences that have caused you, the real you, to hide away from fear of rejection and judgement.

How could Vocal Reiki help you?

These are a few of the experiences people have had from sessions with me.

  • Emotional issues – especially around childhood trauma, eased and become better understood.
  • Pain – gone or greatly eased, both Muscular and skeletal (bones) ~ necks, knees, hips, back and more
  • Headaches – gone
  • The start of a Migraine – it never materializes
  • Swollen ankles – Decrease and stay down for over a year
  • Weight Loss – through release of water retention

For those of you who wish to work on emotional issues from childhood and heal the trauma and pain, we do not ask you to revisit the experience or re-live it, we work with the younger you of that time without the need to go over it all again.

Sara offers one to one sessions wherever you live because your session can be carried out over the phone or via Video call ~ you can also have your session with her at her therapy rooms in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

What your session entails: 

  • Sara feels it is best for you to lie down, to be as relaxed as possible.
  • For the first session allow a little extra time as there will be a consultation form to be completed (no extra charge) and this will guide how your session starts.
  • You will experience both your name being toned and toning.
  • Your experience of each section of toning will guide the next step of your session
  • Every Session is different, Sara is guided by intuition and what you feel.

30 Minute Session is only £54

45 Minute Session is only £69

A One Hour Session is only £84

Special Offer: If you book 2 x 1 Hour Sessions – Price only £145

Also Available via Video call:

  • Vocal Reiki Aura Re-energise ~ Price £44
  • Vocal Reiki Body Boost ~ Price £44
  • Vocal Reiki Chakra Balance & Alignment ~ Price £44
Sessions are available from 9am – 7.30pm (start time) Monday to Friday GMT/BST

Weekend sessions may be available – please ask

To book your session or if you have any queries, please contact Sara by e-mail at or call her on 01202 514569 ~ +44 (0)1202 514569 (Please remember Sara lives in the UK and is in GMT/BST Time Zone ~ Thank You)

Payment options will be shared at the time of booking.