What is the Unconscious Mind?

By Sara Jane

I was having a conversation with a guest on Gift of Healing TV recently and the Unconscious mind was mentioned.

I have heard this term for a long time but not really understood what it is.

Suddenly the answer, for me, was in my head, it is our learned behaviours.

We don’t have to remember every experience we have ever had but our reactions to all those experiences have been stored in our unconscious mind, they are our learned behaviours.

Have you ever thought “why does this keep happening to me?”

I know I have and the reason is because we keep reacting in the same way.

The key is to react in a different way, to create a different outcome.

How do we do that, truthfully, for many of us it is difficult without some form of help or support because it is an automatic reaction, we just don’t think about it, we just do it.

There are many techniques and practices that can support us with letting go of old unwanted behaviours, from beautiful relaxing therapies such as Metamorphic Technique which helps change the energy pathways in our body and supports us to move forward in our life, to NLP and Hypnotherapy and so many more.

Most of our learned behaviours come from our childhood and some of them come from experience of trauma or being hurt, both physically and emotionally. They are reactions that we have put in place to “protect” us.

However most, if not all of these “protections”, are no longer valid for the adult but the child in us all is still hurting.

There are many people who are helping us heal our Inner Child, that beautiful innocent little being that resides in us all.

I am one of them.

The traumas and hurt of my childhood, left me feeling unwanted, unloved, not good enough, unworthy…

I became a people pleaser for nearly 40 years until my “wake-up call” which helped me to have the courage to start living my life.

My healing journey is still on going and it all really started when I learned Reiki, then Metamorphic Technique and learned about Sound Energy in the form of Toning, the use of the voice but not singing.

Slowly over the years as I have healed my Inner Child and grown more confident in myself. I have developed a technique I call Vocal Reiki, using the Reiki energy alongside Toning.

I support people to reconnect with their younger self at the time of hurt, pain, trauma but not to revisit the actual experience. Helping them to comfort their younger self, supporting them to feel loved and heard, breaking the chains of the learned protective behaviours that have become more destructive than protective.

Our unconscious mind can be a real treasure but it can also be what holds us back from truly living our lives.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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