Meditations & Exercises as shared by Sara on Gift of Healing TV

Gift of Healing TV ~ Wednesday 17th August: 11.30pm PDT – 2.30pm EDT – 7.30pm BST

Toning Sound Bath & Light Language Message

In this program Sara Jane offers you the experience of a Vocal Toning Sound Bath followed by a Light Language Message.

Sara is the creator of Vocal Reiki and uses Toning, the use of the voice but not singing in her one-to-one sessions and Sound Healing Shares.

Sound is a vibration and we are a vibration, our aches and pains, illness and ailments are our vibration out of sync. The energy of the “right” Sound can literally bring your vibration back into sync.

Sara has also discovered that she speaks Light Language, what she believes is the language of our Soul. Although our mind can’t understand what is being said (and Sara can’t translate it), the message is understood by our Heart and Soul.

This session is offered to support you to relax, it is not about what you hear, it is about what you feel as the energy flows over you.

We Hope You Enjoy

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Meditation: Forest Bathing

Meditation: Wrap Your Wings Around The World

Meditation: The Golden Sound of Silence

Soul Meditation (this is shared in Light Language)

Your Connection with the Universe

Becoming Butterfly

Connection with Mother Earth & All

Connecting Your Heart & Soul

Holding Hands Meditation

Life Journey

Soul Connection


Accepting Self

Connecting with Your Intuition

Awareness Your Surroundings & Yourself

Back to Source

Balance your Yin & Yang 

Re-charge from Within

Where Loving Yourself Begins

Rainbow Meditation ~ A Gift from the Universe


Elementals Meditation + Healing Ball

Meditation to your Healing Pool


Heart & Mind Meditation


Aura Breath & Sound Exercise

Chakra Sound & Breathe Exercise

Meditative Exercise: You Have The Power To Manifest

Meditative Exercise: How You Treat Yourself

Meditative Exercise: Steppingstones

Love & Light for the Planet

Meditative Exercise “Heart Flame”

Let the Words Flow

Look in the Mirror


Connecting with Trees


Doing Nothing

Unpacking your Past

Rainbow Chakra Exercise

Breathing Exercises

Chakra Breathing Exercise

Breathing & Water for Your Body

Breathing & Sound for Your Body

Breathing & Movement

Breathing & Relaxation

Breathing, Sound & Water for Your Chakras

Breathing, Sound & Water for Your Aura

Rainbow Chakra Exercise