You may have heard it called Hopi Ear Candling and that is what my certificate says but I have since learned from Jili Hamilton who introduced Candling into the UK that the Hopi Indians didn’t develop this technique.

The candles are hollow, made from linen dipped in beeswax & honey and with a small grommet to ensure anything drawn into the candle cannot fall back into the ear.

They work like a chimney, the warmth goes down into the ear to soften the wax and any impurities, which are then drawn back up into the candle.

The outer ear clears into the candle whilst impurities in the inner ear are cleared through your sinus and lymph glands; which is why the face massage, this helps push them through and out of the body.

What a Session entails:

     * A Candling Session involves you laying on a therapy couch and we treat one ear at a time.

     * Sara places a cloth (with a whole for your ear) around your ear to help protect you and once the candle is lit and in your ear holds it in place.

     * This is followed by the second ear and then you lie on your back for the face massage.

     * Sara is happy to offer Reiki during the face massage (no extra Cost).

     * The session finishes with a glass of water that supports the flushing of any impurities out of your system.

Especially if you have never had a Candling before it is recommended to have at least 3 sessions to help clear any impacted wax.

The first session always includes the completion of a consultation form (no extra cost) but adds 5 to 10 minutes to the first session time.

An Ear Candling session lasts about 40 minutes at a Cost of £42

If you wish to extend your session to include an extra 15 minutes of Reiki the cost is £52

Sessions are available from 9am – 7.30pm (start time) Monday to Friday at Sara’s Therapy Rooms in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Weekend sessions may be available – please ask

To book a session please call Sara on 01202 514569 or email her at – Thank you