Here you will find Free videos of interviews with Sara and Sound Baths so that you can experience Vocal Reiki and the Healing Energy of Toning.


Soul Empowerment: Triggers to Stepping Stones with David McLeod, Kristi Borst & Sara Jane

Finding Your Voice on Life Mastery TV with David McLeod & Sara Jane

Igniting 2021 's Good Vibrations on Ignite Your Heart & Soul with Sara Troy, Enolia & Sara Jane

Sara is Interviewed by Susan Brow "Learn about Vocal Reiki, the Healing Energy of Sound & experience a Soul Wisdom Message"

Sara is Interviewed by Sara Troy on Igniting Our Hearts & Souls

Sara Joined David McLeod on Life Mastery TV to share their thoughts on

A Fun and Thought Provoking share

"Love is a necessity" (Dalai Lama). Here's to bringing more love into our lives. Sara is interviewed by Birgitte Tan

Sara Joined David McLeod on Life Mastery TV to share their thoughts on 

Interview on Soul 2 Soul Connection Bevan Bird & Cheryl

The Birth of Vocal Reiki

Watch my Interview below

Vocal Reiki What is it?

Interview by Junie Moon on Life Out Loud

Get on the Grid

Radio Show Hosted by Chessie Roberts

Listen to my interview below

Facebook Page: Get on the Grid

Sound Baths

Guided Sound Healing Meditation Earth, Forks & Bowls: Deep Relaxation & Vibrational Healing with YosijiMusic & Sara

Soul Language Sound Bath with Sara & Enolia

A Sound Bath for your Neck & Shoulders

A Sound Bath to Balance & Align your Chakras

Sound Bath for your Heart & Circulatory System

Facebook Lives