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Walking the Paths of our Life

Walking the Paths of our Life

Walking, putting one foot in front of the other again and again and again.

When we are born, we can’t even sit up without help but slow we build up strength in our muscles and one day we do it without help.

The more we move around the more curious we get and then we learn to crawl, we feel nothing is going to stop us.

We watch everyone around us, our parents are standing on their two long limbs, we want to do that, so we keep trying until one day we find we can do it too – we are walking, now nothing is going to stop us.

We discover we can walk and climb and skip and run and jump, what freedom, we can explore.

When we learn something new we are full of enthusiasm, there is a wonder to life, a childlike pleasure in all that surrounds us.

That beautiful curious child is still within us all, it is still wanting to explore, to watch, to listen, to learn, to feel, to experience what life has to offer.

Too many of us have stopped walking, stopped putting one foot in front of the other. Too many are stood still and have got so used to their surroundings that they don’t see it anymore.

It is time to re-kindle our childlike qualities of curiosity, to open our eyes and our ears, to take a step forward and another and re-explore our surroundings and to visit pastures new.

 Life is not about sitting still, it is about exploring the path you are on, taking detours, having fun, laughing, loving, crying, hoping, wishing, Being.

I love being out in nature, walking and exploring, I have taken all these pictures, Dartmoor, Arne, Brownsea Island, Bournemouth Sea Front, Corfe Castle and the folks behind the tree are my Mum and Youngest Sister.

If life has become a little static give yourself permission to take a step forward, step out of your comfort zone, feel the trepidation but also the exhilaration as you realise there is so much more to life than you have been experiencing.

Go for it, now is the time to walk in to your future.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2017

Pictures Copyright © Sara Jane 2017

The Journey

Possibility Banner

By Sara Jane

Your life is a journey from the day you are conceived into the physical world to the day you leave and return to the Spirit world.

Yes you are Spirit having a physical experience and all the possibilities that that brings with it.

Life is a precious gift, a gift of endless possibilities and experiences.

Every step you take opens you to new opportunities.

Your journey isn’t about following the straight and narrow path; it is about twists and turns, diversions and forks in the road; choices.

All roads and paths have junctions and forks in them, sometimes there are even detours. Life is the same.

It is your journey, the roads and paths you walk should be your choice. By all means listen to others but choose from how each choice makes you feel.

There will be times when you feel like you are climbing a never ending mountain, stop occasionally and enjoy the view there are always plus points.

If you ever feel you have picked the wrong turn or path, see it as a detour.

Yes there will be detours but consider these as bringing you gifts, new possibilities and wisdom that you wouldn’t have had without them ~ there is always a reason.

There will be times when you feel you have hit rock bottom; the advantage here is that you can’t fall any further, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and look for the path out, the path that offers the possibilities to use the wisdom you have gained from your experiences.

You can never take a wrong path and there is no such thing as a backward step, not in the way you interpret the meaning.

Even if you feel you have gone in the wrong direction and need to backtrack, remember the experiences you have had have changed you, you have grown.

Think about a meandering river, its path twists and turns; sometimes it can form a horseshoe shape, appearing to come back on its self.

Just like a motorway, if you find yourself going in the wrong direction, you turn round but you are not travelling the same road and you are seeing things from a different perspective.

Feel free to change your mind, feel free to open yourself to new opportunities, the possibilities are endless and you will never be given more than you can handle.

Live, your life, enjoy the ups and downs, twists and turns of your journey and know that what may feel like U-turns are still a step forward.

Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t always get to find out what that reason is.

First published in “The Magic Happens” Digital Magazine

Copyright © Sara Jane