Honesty & Truth

By Sara Jane

We are all taught that “Honesty is the best policy”, in other words you should always be honest and tell the truth.


Simple, because truth always leads to the best outcomes.

The truth may not always be the easiest thing to tell or to hear but it is the truth and it is you or another being honest.

Yes what is one person’s truth may not be another’s but if they are honest about their truth everyone knows where they stand.

If someone asks you for something and your choice is NO, be honest and say it sooner rather than later.

Everyone likes to know where they stand, who they can rely on, or if they need to seek other support for something, so that they have time to do it.

How easy do you find it to say No, to be honest that something is not of interest to you, or even if you are interested you can’t afford it?

Be honest, say Yes when you mean Yes and No when you mean No

Now be honest with yourself, how does it feel when people prevaricate and don’t answer or say Yes when they mean No?

When you are not honest, that is how you make others feel.

Yes when you mean No is unkind, it builds false hope – say what you mean, not what you think others want to hear.

The most important person to be honest with is yourself – Yes You.

When someone asks for your help or if you want to join them for something and you are not sure, ask them to give you a couple of hours and you will get back to them.

Spend some quiet time, see how it “feels” to do it and see how it “feels” to do something else you may want to do. Which “feels” best or right to you?

Then just be honest, go back with a Yes or NO. Trust your feelings.

Honesty and truth, your truth, can save so much time, discomfort and hurt.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty for being honest, it’s their disappointment, their stuff not yours.

When you learn to be truthful and honest with yourself and everyone around you, that includes the salesman who knocks on your door, you step into your own power.

Learn to say No when you mean No and Yes when you mean Yes; others will come to respect your honesty and trust you because they know you will always be honest with them.

Trust and Believe in Yourself

Copyright © Sara Jane ~ Picture Copyright © Sara Jane’s Mother Maureen King