No Mistakes

Do you feel alone?

Is everything going wrong?

Are you feeling “why is this happening to me”

Traumatic Experiences: experiences that cause pain – both physical and emotional, uncertainty and/or feelings of loss of control of what is happening in your life.

Traumatic experiences come in many forms and guises; have you suffered the loss of a loved one such as a parent, child or partner; lost your job, your home, your family, everything you own?

Have you had a severe illness, been involved in an accident resulting in life threatening or debilitating injuries?

While you are living through the experience and its “side effects” it is very difficult, even impossible to imagine that there could be anything positive that can come out of it.

You are not alone. Many people have, are and will experience what feels like “everything going wrong”, “their life falling apart” and many other sayings that describe when things aren’t going smoothly or the way you would like them to.

Not that anything anyone can say will make it easier but sometimes it can really help to know you are not alone and in the book “No Mistakes: How you can change Adversity into Abundance” thirty one International motivational and inspirational authors and speakers share their experiences helping you to realise you are not alone.

Each one of them understands and appreciates that when you are in the middle of disruptive and challenging times it is difficult to see or be open to the fact there is a reason and that there will be a positive outcome.

Someone once said to me “You never know when you are being lucky” and it is so true. For those of you who are not sure what this means here is a simple explanation.

We have all heard or read stories about people who have missed flights or trains, who were meant to be somewhere but for whatever reason weren’t. The rest of the story was about the plane or train crashing or a building collapsing.

Most people’s reaction to missing a flight or a train is disappointment but when a disaster strikes that plane or train, their attitude changes to “how lucky” that they weren’t on board.

When you are stopped from doing something or being somewhere there is a reason, you may never know what it is but the more you learn to accept situations and adjust your actions and reactions the more you come to realise there are NO MISTAKES.

“Everything happens for a reason” ~ “Everything is in divine and perfect order right now” ~ “Wake-up call” ~ “There is no such thing as a coincidence” ~ Synchronicity

Some if not all of these sayings you are likely to have heard or read especially if this is not your first dip into Self-Help. You may also have come across some or all of these quotes:

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.” ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling together.” Neale Donald Walsch

“The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” Ralph Blum

“Sometimes the path is very narrow with steep sides; keep following your dream, your inner guidance, your intuition and you will reach your destiny”

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.”

“Allow your tears to clean the windows of your Soul” #DragonWisdom

Does everything really happen for a reason?

No Mistakes

How you can change


Madisyn Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston, HeatherAsh Amara and 28 other motivational and inspirational authors and speakers (see list below)

Hierophant Publishing ~ June 2013

All Authors in Chapter Order

Madisyn Taylor * Sunny Dawn Johnston * HeatherAsh Amara * Christine Krinke, PhD * Karen Curry * Tianna Roser * Gloria Piantek * Robyn Benson, DOM * Siobhan Coulter * Susana M. Silverhøj * Carol J. Craig * Carole J Toms ND * Kyle Weaver & Scott Edmund Miller * Anne M. Deatly * Ann White * Linda Wheeler Williams * Cliff Thomas * Karen Hasselo * Mandy Berlin * Sara Jane * Janet Rozzi * Tenaya Asan * Patricia Cohen * Kimberly Burnham * Rosemary Hurwitz * Nancy Kaye * Nancy Smith * Christie Melonson * Kathy Jackson * Vicki Higgins