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Life: What’s it all about?

Life: What’s it all about?

By Sara Jane

Life. Have you ever asked yourself or thought about why you are here?

Many have and either we can’t answer the question or there are many different answers.

Are we here to earn lots of money?

Are we here to own a big house?

Are we here to have a big flashy car?

Are we here to travel the world?

Are we here to marry and have children?

Are we here to write an amazing piece of music or a best seller?

Are we here to win a race or competition?

Are we here to make a difference in someone else’s life?

Are we here to be of service or be served?

It could be all of these or none of them.

If you have asked yourself this question or asked it of others, think about the answer or answers you have received – do any of them resonate with you?

This is a question that seems to raise more questions than answers.

Having read the first 3 “Conversations with God” books by Neale Donald Walsch, I have found an answer that feels right for me.

We are here to experience.

Experience what? Everything.

Light & dark. Heat & cold. Wealth & poverty. Health & ill health, the list goes on.

Why would we do that I can hear some of you ask?

That is because, for me, you are thinking with your human mind, the monkey mind that sees “good” and “bad”.

Why would we choose anything that we label “bad”. We wouldn’t but our Soul does.

My understanding is that we all come from love, our Soul lives permanently in the light of love, connected to our Creator and to each other.

Therefore, our Soul only knows Love and takes the opportunity when it spends a short time inhabiting a human body, a flesh covered skeleton, to learn and experience itself more fully and it can only do this by choosing different experiences.

I am sure you have heard it said, “how can you know light if you don’t know the dark?”, “how can you know Love if you don’t know hate?”

So, I see it that we are here to get to know ourselves, to learn, to grow from the experiences we have chosen before we inhabit this body and will choose before we inhabit the next one.

So why are we here? We are here to experience all of the above and so much more over many lifetimes.

As each lifetime ends, we return to that place of Love, to fully encompassing being a Soul of pure love. A Soul that resides in us all, until we choose the next group of experiences that supports the growth and understanding of the beautiful Being that each and every one of us is.

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No Mistakes – No Regrets

No Mistakes – No Regrets

By Sara Jane

Is there such a thing as a Mistake?

What do you understand by the word Mistake?

The dictionary* definition is “An error or fault. A misconception or misunderstanding”

Let’s take these one at a time shall we

Error – we are all very aware of the errors that occur using technology, the program is only as good as the code input and if there has been a mistype, that can cause real issues with a system.

But what about in your own life, do you make errors or is it just that you have made the best choice you felt you could with the information you had at the time?

Personally, I don’t see them as errors, you have had the courage to take action with the knowledge you had and now you have more knowledge. With the increased knowledge you may realise that there are now other alternatives and you wouldn’t do the same thing again but you have learnt and grown.

Fault – this word to me implies that someone is judging another, again from my perspective, unless you have lived my life and walked in my shoes, you have no idea the information and understanding of things that I have, so there is no fault.

It may be a “bad” outcome for them and an excellent outcome for someone else, it is all about perspective.

Misconception / Misunderstanding – Although there may be many similarities in the way we are raised, our family lives and experiences can be very different and this “colours” our understanding of words and actions.

Your intended meaning may be fully understood by one person and completely misunderstood by another and all the levels in between.

If in doubt ask, many an argument or disagreement could be resolved if only we would talk to each other and get clarification that the meaning we read into it, is the meaning intended.

Never regret being yourself, never regret doing anything you have done with the best of intentions.

The only thing I would say, is if your intention is to do something nice for someone, make sure it is something they would really like, just because we may appreciate it, doesn’t mean another will. If in doubt, always ask.

So, are there ever really any misstates? No, just the best action with the knowledge we have at the time and you don’t have to listen to other people’s judgement of you, that is their stuff not yours.

Therefore, is there any reason for regrets? No not if your intention is good and you live from your heart.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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*From the Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary

Copyright © Sara Jane 2022

Love is the Greatest Healer

Love Is The Greatest Healer

By Sara Jane

Love is the greatest healer and let that love start with you.

Whatever is going on in the world around you, tap into the love that is your true being.

Love can support you through anything.

Love, can heal the hurt others, knowingly or unknowingly inflict on you.

When you love yourself and know your own worth, no one can take that away from you.

Love is a selfless act of caring, of being true to you.

When you truly love yourself, you will bring more love, caring, understanding, empathy to others.

Hold love in your heart and offer it to everyone, no exceptions.

Everyone needs to feel loved, whatever their age, their circumstances, their actions.

Those that require love most are those that don’t love themselves, they have never been taught that it is OK to be the love of your own life, and so they hurt others because that is how they feel.

When you are completely comfortable with yourself, you have no need to prove anything to anyone, no need to strike out, bully, belittle anyone else, to make yourself appear “big”.

When you love yourself, your beauty shines from within and any insecurities you may have will melt away.

Love can heal the greatest of traumas and bring peace into your life.

Get to know yourself and if there is anything you don’t like, acknowledge it and grow from it into a better you, a more loving you.

You can choose in any given moment who you are and how you wish to behave.

Trust your gut, your feelings, your intuition, the love in your heart, they will not let you down.

Let yourself be the Love of your own life

Namaste Sweet Soul

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Revenge versus Forgiveness

Revenge versus Forgiveness

By Sara Jane

“If you want revenge because your feelings are hurt, all you can see is your own suffering.

But if you calm yourself and look more deeply, you will see that the person who hurt you is suffering too.”

~ Haemin Sunim from “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down”

When we feel hurt, many of us react, respond as an automatic reaction.

However, if we take a step back and allow ourselves to really look at our feelings and the situation, perhaps we could find the truth of the situation.

What are you feeling Hurt or Angry about?

If hurt, why are you feeling hurt?

Do you see any truth in what has been said to you or about you?

If there is some truth, is it an uncomfortable truth that you realise is for you to “deal” with and is your reaction more akin to embarrassment?

Or a truth that is part of who you are and the discomfort is the other persons, not yours?

If angry, why are you feeling angry?

Is it a lie or something you feel is very unjustified?

Has it touched a raw spot in you?

Other people’s behaviour is down to them, your behaviour is your responsibility.

When you react hastily you could be compounding a hurt that the other individual has experienced and they are still in reaction mode or worse still revenge mode “someone is going to pay for that and I don’t care who”.

As the saying goes “Revenge is like a hot coal you hold in your hand and expect the other person to get burned”, while it festers in you, it does more damage to you than anyone else.

Should people get away with rude and nasty behaviour – no but sometimes the best course of action is to walk away, to maintain your own peace and “let them stew in their own juices” and you won’t be “adding fuel to the fire”.

Hopefully the next time you see them they will be in a better frame of mind and you can ask them how they are, how life is treating them?

If they are willing to talk and share, you may get to find out why they behaved in the way they did and come to realise that it had nothing to do with you, you were just the nearest verbal punching bag.

By all means let them know how it made you feel, you could even suggest that if it occurs again, please talk to me rather than do what they did.

Taking a deep breath and talking rather than reacting can stop a lot of unnecessary hurt and pain and prevent the need for either revenge or forgiveness – supporting love and understanding for ourselves and each other.

It is time to unlearn so many of our reactions, they have served their purpose and passed their sell by date by many years.

You are a Beautiful being of Light

“May the Energy of the Divine that Resides in us All Touch our Hearts and Fill them with Love for Ourselves and Each Other” ~ Sara Jane

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Healing Frequency Sounds

Healing Frequency Sounds

By Sara Jane

Sound can hurt and sound can heal.

Think about the Sounds that surround you on a daily basis.

From your alarm going off first thing in the morning, the different music you may hear on the radio, some of which you enjoy and others that grates on your nerves.

The sound of doors closing and horns blasting, the rumble of traffic, the cries of children the voices all around you, some happy, some angry, some sad.

The sound of phones ringing, the tip tapping on a keyboard and so much more, all of which assault your ears.

This myriad of sound can affect your energy levels and your overall wellbeing.

Perhaps it would be interesting to make a list of all the different sounds that you hear in a normal day and rate how they make to feel.

There are healing frequencies (hertz) that you can listen to, to help different areas of your body and support you.

Here are just a few of them and their benefits:

174Hertz is associated with the reduction of both pain and stress.

285 Hertz is considered instrumental in the healing of cuts, burns and other physical wounds, activating the body into cellular regeneration.

396Hertz the frequency associated with the removal of fear and other negative feelings. It balances the root or base chakra

417Hertz focuses on the removal of negative energy including those around past trauma, helping to dissolve emotional blockages and activate the sacral chakra.

432 Hertz supports the heart chakra. Listening to this frequency is believes to lead to greater levels of mental and emotional clarity.

528Hertz known as the love frequency, or “miracle note” and has been used by Indigenous Peoples as a sound associated with blessings for centuries.

639 Hertz also affects the heart chakra. Associated with supporting the production of positive feelings and more harmonious relationships, encouraging clearer communication practices.

852 Hertz is a tone associated with redirecting the mind away from overthinking, intrusive thoughts and negative thought patterns.

963 Hertz frequencies are associated with the activation of higher spiritual development. It is known as the “pure miracle tone” and the “frequency of the gods”.

These are just some of the instruments used in sound frequency therapy:

  • Didgeridoo
  • Drums
  • Gongs
  • Pan Pipes
  • Rainstick
  • Singing bowls
  • Tuning Forks
  • Windchimes

If you wish to explore these healing sounds for yourself, my suggestion is put Hertz Music into your search engine and you will find many pieces available to listen to.

Namaste Sweet Souls

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What is the Unconscious Mind?

What is the Unconscious Mind?

By Sara Jane

I was having a conversation with a guest on Gift of Healing TV recently and the Unconscious mind was mentioned.

I have heard this term for a long time but not really understood what it is.

Suddenly the answer, for me, was in my head, it is our learned behaviours.

We don’t have to remember every experience we have ever had but our reactions to all those experiences have been stored in our unconscious mind, they are our learned behaviours.

Have you ever thought “why does this keep happening to me?”

I know I have and the reason is because we keep reacting in the same way.

The key is to react in a different way, to create a different outcome.

How do we do that, truthfully, for many of us it is difficult without some form of help or support because it is an automatic reaction, we just don’t think about it, we just do it.

There are many techniques and practices that can support us with letting go of old unwanted behaviours, from beautiful relaxing therapies such as Metamorphic Technique which helps change the energy pathways in our body and supports us to move forward in our life, to NLP and Hypnotherapy and so many more.

Most of our learned behaviours come from our childhood and some of them come from experience of trauma or being hurt, both physically and emotionally. They are reactions that we have put in place to “protect” us.

However most, if not all of these “protections”, are no longer valid for the adult but the child in us all is still hurting.

There are many people who are helping us heal our Inner Child, that beautiful innocent little being that resides in us all.

I am one of them.

The traumas and hurt of my childhood, left me feeling unwanted, unloved, not good enough, unworthy…

I became a people pleaser for nearly 40 years until my “wake-up call” which helped me to have the courage to start living my life.

My healing journey is still on going and it all really started when I learned Reiki, then Metamorphic Technique and learned about Sound Energy in the form of Toning, the use of the voice but not singing.

Slowly over the years as I have healed my Inner Child and grown more confident in myself. I have developed a technique I call Vocal Reiki, using the Reiki energy alongside Toning.

I support people to reconnect with their younger self at the time of hurt, pain, trauma but not to revisit the actual experience. Helping them to comfort their younger self, supporting them to feel loved and heard, breaking the chains of the learned protective behaviours that have become more destructive than protective.

Our unconscious mind can be a real treasure but it can also be what holds us back from truly living our lives.

Namaste Sweet Soul

Copyright © Sara Jane 2021

Structures, Should They Be Flexible?

Structures, Should They Be Flexible?

By Sara Jane

When you think of Structure, do you think of something rigid?

Do you have a structure to your day? And if you do, how flexible is it?

Let’s start with nature, take a tree for example, as they grow they become very thick/broad in the trunk to carry the weight of the branches and leaves but they aren’t rigid, they can move with the wind, flexing so as not to break.

Many plants, shrubs, grasses are the same, they may be fixed in one spot by their roots but they can move with the wind.

They have all developed a structure that supports their survival in the harshest of conditions because they can be flexible.

Think about buildings, especially very tall buildings, built in earthquake prone areas, they are built with some “flexibility” to help them survive earthquakes and storms.

With all of these, they have strong roots or foundations that support the structure to have an element of flexibility.

Do you have any form of structure in your life? Be it a morning or evening routine, a to do list for your day, a diary of meetings or events for your children.

How flexible are you with your routine, does it have some give in it?

Structure can help us to achieve on a daily basis and is very important in business and the organisation of family life but it is also important to allow space for fun and laughter, a spur of the moment change of plans.

A little give can bring a lot of fun and life is meant to be fun.

If you have a structured life, do you schedule in some “Me-Time”, time to relax and unwind, time for peace and quiet, regeneration time, so that your battery is re-charged?

So many think they have to keep going until the job is done, then they can relax. The truth is by allowing some re-charge time when you start to feel tired, you can clear your mind, the fog that is slowing you down and when you come back to the job in hand, you can complete it so much more quickly.

For many years (over 20 years), I have allowed myself to go for at least one walk during the day, even when I was working in an office. This time out, has allowed me to get some fresh air, sunshine and given me time to clear my mind and has helped me achieve so much more than constant slog.

Structure is good but for me it should always have flexibility to be able to live life.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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Music is a Vibration

Music is a Vibration

By Sara Jane

“If Music be the Food of Love Play on” from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

I am sure that a lot of you are aware of the above saying and many enjoy listening to music for different reasons.

Have you ever thought about the reasons you listen to music and the affects the different styles have on you?

Music is sound and sound is energy and vibration. We are also a vibration.

Sound can hurt and sound can heal.

Think about the music you hear, depending on your mood, your frame of mind, what is going on in your life; different types of music affect you in differing ways.

For most when you are trying to relax, you prefer to listen to calming, gentle music which may include the sounds of nature, rather than more lively music such as rock or a rousing piece of classical music.

If you enjoy doing the housework to music, many will choose something lively to move along too, keep the energy up.

Then there are other pieces of music that really do not resonate with you, they feel as if they are grating on your nerves, disrupting your energy.

As a complementary therapist I play music for my clients, very occasionally someone prefers the silence, it is always what feels right for you at the time, any time.

For me personally I have a CD that I play as I go to sleep at night and a different one for when I give myself a Reiki session, others that I use for doing the housework and ironing.

I suggest choosing the music that helps lift you, whether that is to relax by or to energise you, to calm you or motivate you and whenever you can avoid the music that agitates you.

The vibration of sound affects your vibration, calming it, agitating it or energising it. Always go with what feels right for you at the point in time that you are listening to it.

Even if it is something that you have on in the background, not really taking any notice of it, it is affecting your energy. Suggestion choose the music you play to suit the way you wish to feel.

Remember all the sounds that surround you are affecting you, the right music can help to negate the more disruptive sound vibrations, keeping you more relaxed.

Just finally, I don’t know about Music being the Food of Love, but it can certainly be the Food of Life, nourishing us in so many ways.

You can listen to Sara read this article in the video below.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2021

Unravelling the Costumes of Life

Unravelling the Costumes of Life

By Sara Jane

I looked up the meaning of costumes in the Reader’s Digest Illustrated Dictionary, you will find the definition at the foot of the article.

If you would prefer to listen to an audio of this article, you can listen to me read it below.

When I started thinking about costumes the first things that came into my head were swimsuits, then those worn by actors and actresses, then dancers and even members of a band, choir or orchestra.

What were your first thoughts?

Then I took my thoughts deeper and the title for the article came to mind. How many different types of clothes do we wear during our lives and are not many of these costumes?

Let’s explore further and see how many costumes you have worn in your life.

Starting from birth, especially at the time I was born, parents were more likely to dress the little girls in pink and the little boys in blue, so that when they were pushing their tiny little baby around, people would know if it was a girl or boy.

They may still do that but I have the feeling things have changed a little.

Then little girls wear skirts and dresses, and little boys wear trousers and shorts, well back in the 1950’s and to a degree in the 1960’s but all appears to have changed now.

If you are part of a religion there are outfits to do with religious services, Christenings/Baptisms maybe Christenings gowns, Holy Communion, Confirmation. Certainly, within the Roman Catholic Church the little white dress and veil, for the girls that is (smile), White shirts, black ties and shorts for the boys

They are costumes which show what is going on in your life.

Schools have uniforms which denote the school you go to, it is like a costume.

Going to work, do you have some sort of uniform? That uniform could be that you ware a suit as I have done in past employment.

Do you have to wear an overall? again I have done that.

Do you have to wear specific boots to protect your feet or head gear to protect your head?

The clothes and the equipment you wear again denote what you do and differentiate you from other people that may be wandering around, think about nurses and doctors, policemen and firemen, service men and women etc

If you are going to a Ball, you are not likely to be wearing jeans, you are more likely to be wearing a gown or dinner suit.

If you are going to a Pop Concert, the clothes you wear will be those that you feel are appropriate, which may not be appropriate to some but it will to you.

Whatever you are doing, the clothes you wear are a costume but they do not say WHO you are, just what is going on in your life at that point in time.

A funeral, the done thing is to wear black, navy blue, dark colours to be in mourning and respectful.

My Mother bucked the trend of that with my Dad when he past because I had a lovely pair of patchwork, very colourful trousers and apparently Dad loved to see me in those, so she asked me to wear them for his funeral, that included standing on the alter to read a piece from the Bible.

For me it was an honouring of my Pop, rather than the sadness that goes with funerals.

Are you truly honouring yourself in those times you can?

What are the clothes that you wear, look at them, are they you?

How many of the clothes that you wear are You, are that very unique special Being that you are, that you feel comfortable in, that you feel shows the world who you are, not the role you are in?

The clothes we wear are a costume.

We can take it a step further to adornments, jewellery.

Think about relationships, especially romantic ones that lead to an engagement and the fiancé wears an engagement ring it denotes that she is spoken for and then when they marry, she wears a wedding ring, so do many men.

That is part of a costume that shows that they are part of a couple, in the old days, it would show that the woman has become a chattel and belonged to the man.

Look around you are the clothes everybody wears, do you think that is really them or is it a fashion statement or something else?

Look at the clothes you have in your wardrobe what are the costumes, what do each of those items of clothing mean to you, what are they trying to show people about you?

Unravel the costumes in your life, the ones you have worn in the past, think about it, how many of those costumes were really you?

And I am going to take a bit of a punt here and say probably not many.

Are you ready to step out from behind those costumes, into ones that tell people more about who you are rather than what you do or what you are participating in?

This is your life, it is for you to live.

You can listen to Sara read this article in the video below

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Pictures are all of Sara Jane and remain her property.

Costume meaning: A complete style of dress including clothes, accessories and often hair style. Characteristics of a particular country, period or people.

A set of clothes worn for s play, film, fancy-dress ball or the like, designed to give the wearer the appearance of the role that he or she is playing.

A woman’s suit

A set of clothes appropriate for a usually specified occasion or season, such as a swimming costume.

Follow the Path of Growth to Becoming Yourself

Follow the Path of Growth to Becoming Yourself

By Sara Jane

Life is a journey with the path laid out in front of us with all its twists and turns, ups and downs.

The landscape will change, sometimes you may feel as if you are travelling through a wilderness, at others a crowded city or sailing the wide open oceans and every step brings you closer to becoming yourself.

Life isn’t for sitting still and just watching the world go by it is about living, experiencing, growing into who you are.

I suggest looking back at your life so far, look at all the experiences you have had.

Some have been hard and hurt a lot, the downs, some have been great fun and have felt really rewarding, the ups and others have felt difficult, the twists and turns.

The rollercoaster of life.

Our greatest growth comes in the challenging times when the path has difficult terrain to traverse.

It is only with hindsight that we can see the true gift of these times, realising that the action we have taken have changed our lives completely.

We have to take the action ourselves if we wish to have any control over our lives.

Do you know who you are?

If you do, what were the circumstances that lead you to open to who you are?

If you don’t, then what is holding you back from finding yourself?

We are the only one who can do it for us, no one else can do it for you.

Very briefly, I was in a marriage I shouldn’t have been in, I felt stuck.

Then the dentist broke my jaw whilst extracting a wisdom tooth (quite ironic that really) resulting in 6 months of pain and sleepless nights.

When you are that exhausted something has to give and for me that included being a people pleaser and my marriage.

Then the company I was working for got taken over and we were all going to be made redundant.

Was all this a down or was it in fact an up.

By taking the action of leaving my marriage, life started to move, I took the opportunity to relocate, to start a new life and truthfully, I haven’t looked back, other than to feel blessed.

That was the beginning of my growth, what was the beginning of yours?

In the process of all the changes, decision making and action, I found me.

I don’t see it as people changing, it is about growing, following your life path to find yourself and continuing to grow with every new experience that comes your way.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2021

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