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Music is a Vibration

Music is a Vibration

By Sara Jane

“If Music be the Food of Love Play on” from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

I am sure that a lot of you are aware of the above saying and many enjoy listening to music for different reasons.

Have you ever thought about the reasons you listen to music and the affects the different styles have on you?

Music is sound and sound is energy and vibration. We are also a vibration.

Sound can hurt and sound can heal.

Think about the music you hear, depending on your mood, your frame of mind, what is going on in your life; different types of music affect you in differing ways.

For most when you are trying to relax, you prefer to listen to calming, gentle music which may include the sounds of nature, rather than more lively music such as rock or a rousing piece of classical music.

If you enjoy doing the housework to music, many will choose something lively to move along too, keep the energy up.

Then there are other pieces of music that really do not resonate with you, they feel as if they are grating on your nerves, disrupting your energy.

As a complementary therapist I play music for my clients, very occasionally someone prefers the silence, it is always what feels right for you at the time, any time.

For me personally I have a CD that I play as I go to sleep at night and a different one for when I give myself a Reiki session, others that I use for doing the housework and ironing.

I suggest choosing the music that helps lift you, whether that is to relax by or to energise you, to calm you or motivate you and whenever you can avoid the music that agitates you.

The vibration of sound affects your vibration, calming it, agitating it or energising it. Always go with what feels right for you at the point in time that you are listening to it.

Even if it is something that you have on in the background, not really taking any notice of it, it is affecting your energy. Suggestion choose the music you play to suit the way you wish to feel.

Remember all the sounds that surround you are affecting you, the right music can help to negate the more disruptive sound vibrations, keeping you more relaxed.

Just finally, I don’t know about Music being the Food of Love, but it can certainly be the Food of Life, nourishing us in so many ways.

You can listen to Sara read this article in the video below.

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What does Art mean to You?

What does Art mean to You?

By Sara Jane

What do you think of when you hear the word Art?

Do you think about pictures and painting, oils and watercolours?

Do you think of the great artists including Constable & Picasso with their very different styles?

Or is music bought to mind, the classical composers such as Mozart and Benjamin Britten or modern-day composers such as Paul McCartney?

Do you think of photographers, sculptures, choreographers, architects, landscape gardeners, actors, singers, authors, designers? The list goes on.

Finally, do you think about yourself?

Had it occurred to you that you are the artist of your own life?

You were born with a blank canvas and every action, every experience you have adds colour and substance to your canvas.

Or you could choose the analogy of your life being like a book and every new day starts with a blank page. What story are you weaving into your life story today?

This morning as I was thinking about writing this article, I came across this quote by Sophie Bush

You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously”.

Had it occurred to you that you are a Masterpiece, that you were born perfect, that you were given everything that you require for the life you have chosen.

A little like a jigsaw puzzle, you have all the pieces and each day another piece fits into place.

When was the last time you looked at yourself and explored who you are, discovering something new about yourself?

A couple of years ago I discovered I could speak what I believe is our Soul Language, many call it Light Language.

Why was I so surprised, after all I channel many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons, I also channel Reiki and Sound Energy in the form of Toning, so why not be a channel for our Soul Language as well?

Recently I connected with a gentleman in Holland, Jos of Yosiji Music, he took one of my spoken Soul Wisdom Messages and a sung one and used the magic of his art, creating music behind them.

I was amazed at what he did but more amazed at how he made me sound. I have never considered myself a singer but to my ears the sung message sounds wonderful.

The art of his work and mine…

You can watch/listen to it here

You are the Artist of your life, explore your gifts, have fun with them, experience them, share them, love them.

Don’t judge them or let others, they are uniquely yours.

Just as some love classical music and others love Punk Rock, some love traditional art and others prefer contemporary art, we are all different in who we are, in our likes and dislikes.

That is what makes this world such a beautiful work of Art.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” ~ Pablo Picasso

You can listen to Sara read the article in the video below

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