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An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift

An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift

By Sara Jane

I suppose I should start with what I believe Life’s Greatest Gift to be.


Love is the energy that brings Peace, Comfort, Healing and so much more into our lives.

The Love that comes from within you, that is you.

Love is the gift we all bring to ourselves and it is that Love which has the greatest power.

How you invite this Love into your life is your choice but remember it is within you, it is for you to seek it inside of you not from outside of you.

Suggestion, make time and space for yourself, whether you meditate, walk in nature, swim, sit quietly in front of a log fire just watching the flames; allow yourself to go into your Heart and invite the Love there into your life.

Loving yourself unconditionally is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Reiki means Universal Healing Energy and to me that is Love – Love is the greatest Healer.

All humans have been given the gift of self-healing.

When you break a bone, it is your body that heals it, not the plaster cast, that is just a support.

When you cut yourself, the skin heals, it is not the plaster or stitches again they are just a support.

To me there is no such thing as a healer, what the people we call healers do is offer a tool to your body to help empower your own self-healing.

When I work with both Reiki and Vocal Reiki, the energies I offer are Love and Sound, the individual either rejects or invites these energies in and their body and soul does with them what is for their highest good.

The only person who can heal you is you, sometimes you may require a little help to activate your self-healing and that is when you invite in the support that feels right for you.

It is OK to ask for help, to seek support, to invite energy into your life.

After all we are all energy, a vibration and our illnesses and ailments, stresses and strains are all our vibration out of sync, when we have lost touch with the Love within us.

The vibration of the right sound can literally bring your vibration back into sync, bring you back to the pure Love that you are.

As a client once said to me when I had worked on a muscle in her arm “it felt like my muscle was being given permission to relax – so it did”.

When you invite in the Love that you are and tap into it, your life will heal and change in immeasurable ways.

Copyright © Sara Jane 2018

Being At Peace

Being at Peace

Being at Peace ~ Shinning Your Light

By Sara Jane

Luminous: Emitting light, especially self-generated light

Turbulence: The state or quality of being agitated, violently disturbed or in commotion

You are Light and when everything is in balance and alignment within you and in your life, your light shines, you are a truly Luminous Being.

You are a Being of Light, even in the human form of this existence, this series of experiences you have chosen; you are still a beautiful being of light.

Many of the experiences you have chosen cause a disruption to the flow of your light, this turbulence disturbs your energies, affecting your thinking and in so many cases prevents you from listening to your Heart, your inner wisdom and guidance.

Whatever experiences you are having at this time STOP and breathe.

Fill your lungs with clean fresh air, clearing out all the stale air.

With every breath in fill yourself with Love, Peace & Harmony and with every breathe ou expel fear, anger and pain.

Sit quietly and just breathe, once you are relaxed and calm, visualise your current situation as if you are watching a movie or soap opera, as if the characters are totally unrelated to you in any way.

Keep breathing, what are you feeling? What is your gut, your intuition telling you about how what you are witnessing can be “dealt with”?

Stay detached. What is inside each individual’s control? What is outside their control?

In their shoes what would you do about the things they do have control over?

As you breathe, listen to the wisdom of your heart, not the fear of your head.

All the answers are within you, within the light of the amazing being that you are.

Yes you may require to involve others, you may also require to let go of people, places and things, moving on.

Be open to this period of turbulence as being a gift that although it feels as if everything is falling apart, it is actually bringing everything together for the next stage of your journey.

Always remember to breathe; feeding the flame of love in your heart, the flame that is your light.

Your luminosity is only disturbed by your reactions to the turbulence that appears in your life from time to time.

When you remember to breathe and stay detached, the turbulence has no hold over you, you are at Peace with yourself, life and everyone & everything around you; shinning your light as only you can.

Love, Peace & Light Sweet Soul

Sara Jane

Sara shared a Breathing exercise for your Chakras on Gift of Healing TV, you can experience it here: https://youtu.be/kDlY9NaUofo

First shared in the Digital Magazine “The Magic Happens”

Copyright © Sara Jane