Unity of Self

Unity of Self By Sara Jane I am sharing this from my own understanding and experiences. Looking back, I spent many years of my life feeling “in pieces”, with bits of me separated from me due to things that had happened and the way they made me feel about myself. I will briefly share some […]

Follow the Path of Growth to Becoming Yourself

Follow the Path of Growth to Becoming Yourself By Sara Jane Life is a journey with the path laid out in front of us with all its twists and turns, ups and downs. The landscape will change, sometimes you may feel as if you are travelling through a wilderness, at others a crowded city or […]

What does Art mean to You?

What does Art mean to You? By Sara Jane What do you think of when you hear the word Art? Do you think about pictures and painting, oils and watercolours? Do you think of the great artists including Constable & Picasso with their very different styles? Or is music bought to mind, the classical composers […]

Sara’s Challenge for You

Sara Has a Challenge for You The other day I became aware of some negative thoughts going through my mind and it got me to thinking. How can I turn them into positive thoughts? How can I take out all the negative words? Easy you may think but here is the challenge, next time you […]