Value Yourself

By Sara Jane

Do you value your time?

Do you value your gifts?

Do you value your knowledge & expertise?

Do you value the love you give to others?

Do you value the very special being that you are?

Do you even understand these questions?

You are very special, don’t doubt it because very one is special; no one is more or less special than anyone else.

You were also born perfect, with all the gifts, talents and strengths that you require for this life and for your life purpose, whatever that may be.

It does not matter what your chosen role is for this life, it is essential within the big picture of life.

Think of a mechanism and all the cogs that make up that mechanism, every cog however is essential and if the smallest cog stops working it affects the smooth running of the whole mechanism.

So value and honour yourself, the special and perfect being that you are.

Gift of Healing TV shared a panel discussion “Valuing & Honouring Yourself” if you would like to watch it you can watch it Here

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