Fire: The Gift of Life

One of the 4 Elements, Represented by the Salamander

By Sara Jane

When you think of Fire, what comes to mind?

A roaring log fire that keeps you warm in the winter, the flames of a Bar-B-Que cooking meat and vegetables on a Summer’s afternoon or evening or a house or forest fire causing destruction in its wake.

Fire not only destroys, it brings life.

Without fire, none of us would be here, it kept us warm, it cooked our food, it ensured we survived long dark cold nights and winters.

Even fires that we can think of as destructive can bring life.

There are plants that have evolved to cope with fire and not only do they cope with it but they need it for their survival.

The heat of the fire helps release their seeds, trees such as the Lodgepole Pine and the Giant Sequoia among them.

Areas that have evolved with fire as an essential part of their habitat renewal & vitality include chaparral, coniferous forest, prairie and savanna.

Think about your own life, the times when you have felt under most pressure, the times of great change, the times when it has got a little “to hot in the kitchen of your life”.

Destruction can be more about re-birth, a new path, a change in scenery; letting go of the old and opening to the new.

Yes, at the time these changes occur, they are uncomfortable but they are also a gift.

Even in its destructive form, fire can bring new beginnings, a new lease of life.

Fire is as essential as an element for our survival as the Air (The Sylphs), Water (The Undines) & the Earth (The Gnomes).

Listen to the fire in your Heart, the fire that guides and excites you, the fire that motivates and encourages you, the fire that supports you to live your life, to experience, learn and grow.

The Love that resides in your heart is referred to by many as the “Flame of Love”, connect with it, feel it, let it expand and encompass you with a passion for life, a passion for living.

Fire brings light as well as warmth, let the bright flame of Love shine from you, lighting your own path and guiding others. You are a beautiful light, let it shine.


Copyright © Sara Jane 2017