No Mistakes – No Regrets

No Mistakes – No Regrets By Sara Jane Is there such a thing as a Mistake? What do you understand by the word Mistake? The dictionary* definition is “An error or fault. A misconception or misunderstanding” Let’s take these one at a time shall we Error – we are all very aware of the errors that […]

The Grass is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener ~ Only when it is Watered By Sara Jane There is always so much going on in our lives, the everyday, the unexpected, the planned etc Think about your life, which aspects are you giving your attention to? Which bits are you putting most of your energy in to? Are […]

Quintessentially You

Quintessentially You: Find your Sparkle & Bounce By Sara Jane I thought I knew the meaning of quintessential but decided to look it up to be sure. Quintessential meaning Being most typical: expressing the essence of the thing or person specified. Having the nature of a quintessence; the pure, highly concentrated essence of something as […]