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No Mistakes – No Regrets

No Mistakes – No Regrets

By Sara Jane

Is there such a thing as a Mistake?

What do you understand by the word Mistake?

The dictionary* definition is “An error or fault. A misconception or misunderstanding”

Let’s take these one at a time shall we

Error – we are all very aware of the errors that occur using technology, the program is only as good as the code input and if there has been a mistype, that can cause real issues with a system.

But what about in your own life, do you make errors or is it just that you have made the best choice you felt you could with the information you had at the time?

Personally, I don’t see them as errors, you have had the courage to take action with the knowledge you had and now you have more knowledge. With the increased knowledge you may realise that there are now other alternatives and you wouldn’t do the same thing again but you have learnt and grown.

Fault – this word to me implies that someone is judging another, again from my perspective, unless you have lived my life and walked in my shoes, you have no idea the information and understanding of things that I have, so there is no fault.

It may be a “bad” outcome for them and an excellent outcome for someone else, it is all about perspective.

Misconception / Misunderstanding – Although there may be many similarities in the way we are raised, our family lives and experiences can be very different and this “colours” our understanding of words and actions.

Your intended meaning may be fully understood by one person and completely misunderstood by another and all the levels in between.

If in doubt ask, many an argument or disagreement could be resolved if only we would talk to each other and get clarification that the meaning we read into it, is the meaning intended.

Never regret being yourself, never regret doing anything you have done with the best of intentions.

The only thing I would say, is if your intention is to do something nice for someone, make sure it is something they would really like, just because we may appreciate it, doesn’t mean another will. If in doubt, always ask.

So, are there ever really any misstates? No, just the best action with the knowledge we have at the time and you don’t have to listen to other people’s judgement of you, that is their stuff not yours.

Therefore, is there any reason for regrets? No not if your intention is good and you live from your heart.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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*From the Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary

Copyright © Sara Jane 2022

The Grass is Always Greener

The Grass is Always Greener ~ Only when it is Watered

By Sara Jane

There is always so much going on in our lives, the everyday, the unexpected, the planned etc

Think about your life, which aspects are you giving your attention to?

Which bits are you putting most of your energy in to?

Are you concentrating on the things that fulfil you or that drain you?

Do you look at others and wish your life was more like theirs?

Do you look behind the screens and know how things really are for them?

Over 20 years ago, I knew my life wasn’t what I wanted, I felt like a slave in my own home, I felt ignored, undervalued, invisible.

The only person who could change that for me, was me – so I did, I bought my marriage to an end and moved out.

I know that makes it sound very simple and in some respects it was but it didn’t just happen, I had to make it happen, I had to take control of my own life and stop handing that control to others.

Granted there were no children involved, just 4 cats.

When I took control and got active in my own life, my life improved, this is what is meant by watering the grass.

It is up to us to be proactive in our own lives.

Do you have a garden with a lawn? If you don’t cut it, it gets out of hand.

The same with your life, if you don’t take control, things tend to get out of hand.

Is it a matter of finding the strength to do what is necessary, or just being so fed up with the situation, you’ve had enough and can’t take any more?

What is going through my mind at this point is, if we find the strength to do something and then do some thinking through, we then have a plan.

Yes, we could just go at things like a “Bull in a china shop” but a little thought, with a plan can make things a little easier.

Also, it is about remembering that there are usually others affected when we choose to make changes and we have no idea how they will react, the calmer we can stay the better.

I am not saying walk out of your marriage or leave you job, catch things before they go too far and you can find the grass in your own garden becomes so much greener, without moving to the other side.

“Remember No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“You aren’t supposed to be happy all the time. Listen to your sadness and anger, they are trying to tell you something”

Just because someone threw you into Lake Inferior doesn't mean you have to keep swimming in it. You're better than that! ~ Bruce Van Horn

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Copyright © Sara Jane 2020

Quintessentially You

Quintessentially You: Find your Sparkle & Bounce

By Sara Jane

I thought I knew the meaning of quintessential but decided to look it up to be sure.

Quintessential meaning

  • Being most typical: expressing the essence of the thing or person specified.
  • Having the nature of a quintessence; the pure, highly concentrated essence of something

as per The Reader’s Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary, published & copyrighted 1984

How true are you to yourself, to your choices, to your beliefs?

Do you know who you are?

Do you know what you believe?

Do you feel free to make your own choices?

Give yourself permission to explore what you have been taught, the rules and regulations.

Does it all resonate with you, does everything you have been taught feel right for you?

I know from my own experience that not everything I was taught feels right for me.

The main part of that being religion, I was raised a Catholic but when I read that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, I felt the truth of that in the depths of my being.

When I read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, there were many times that the answer I read was what I felt in the core of my being.

As we let go of what doesn’t serve us any more, when we allow ourselves to make up our own minds of what we feel is the “truth” to us; we free ourselves to shine in our full glory, it can put a real bounce in your step; you are no longer weighed down by heavy feelings that don’t resonate with you.

When we open to our own truth’s our lives become more fulfilled and we find that we become less judgemental and more relaxed.

Become quintessentially you, the true you, not the person that people and circumstances have formed you to be; break free of those boundaries and restrictions, free yourself to have your own thoughts, feel the truth speak to you from within.

Let yourself step into the sunlight and the beautiful crystal that you are sparkle, reflecting all the colours of the rainbow, empowering and re-energising your Chakras, strengthening your being.

Life is for living, for fun and laughter, it’s time to put the bounce back into your life, bring your childlike energies back into your life.

Think about the little you, children seem to bounce along, in the way they walk and run, and how they move from one experience to the next.

They sparkle and shine, enthralled by so much that they see, allow this true essence of yourself back into your life, reacquaint yourself with the wonders of being a child, for he/she still resides in you and is just waiting for you to invite them into your life.

“You have a responsibility to show up in life expressing your values, not someone else’s values.” ~ Bruce Van Horn

Copyright © Sara Jane 2019

You can listen to Sara read this article in the video above