Structures, Should They Be Flexible?

By Sara Jane

When you think of Structure, do you think of something rigid?

Do you have a structure to your day? And if you do, how flexible is it?

Let’s start with nature, take a tree for example, as they grow they become very thick/broad in the trunk to carry the weight of the branches and leaves but they aren’t rigid, they can move with the wind, flexing so as not to break.

Many plants, shrubs, grasses are the same, they may be fixed in one spot by their roots but they can move with the wind.

They have all developed a structure that supports their survival in the harshest of conditions because they can be flexible.

Think about buildings, especially very tall buildings, built in earthquake prone areas, they are built with some “flexibility” to help them survive earthquakes and storms.

With all of these, they have strong roots or foundations that support the structure to have an element of flexibility.

Do you have any form of structure in your life? Be it a morning or evening routine, a to do list for your day, a diary of meetings or events for your children.

How flexible are you with your routine, does it have some give in it?

Structure can help us to achieve on a daily basis and is very important in business and the organisation of family life but it is also important to allow space for fun and laughter, a spur of the moment change of plans.

A little give can bring a lot of fun and life is meant to be fun.

If you have a structured life, do you schedule in some “Me-Time”, time to relax and unwind, time for peace and quiet, regeneration time, so that your battery is re-charged?

So many think they have to keep going until the job is done, then they can relax. The truth is by allowing some re-charge time when you start to feel tired, you can clear your mind, the fog that is slowing you down and when you come back to the job in hand, you can complete it so much more quickly.

For many years (over 20 years), I have allowed myself to go for at least one walk during the day, even when I was working in an office. This time out, has allowed me to get some fresh air, sunshine and given me time to clear my mind and has helped me achieve so much more than constant slog.

Structure is good but for me it should always have flexibility to be able to live life.

Namaste Sweet Soul

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