Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself Your Gut Instinct, Intuition, Inspiration By Sara Jane Do you completely trust yourself? Or do you doubt your feelings, your knowing’s as fanciful? It can be very easy to let the mind pooh hoo what are actually your deepest connection to your heart, your soul and the all that is, after all it […]

Feelings Speak

Feelings Speak By Sara Jane Feelings and sensations in your body, do you listen to them? Do you understand what they are trying to tell you? Yes your body and feelings do “speak” to you but we have to learn how to interpret the “way” they speak to us, as it is not in words […]

It is Always Your Choice

I​t is Always Your Choice By Sara Jane Every breath you take, every step you take, every move you make – it is your choice. Every Yes you say, every No you say – it is your choice. Now I get it, sometimes it feels as if you have Hobson’s choice but you still have […]