Love is the Greatest Healer

Love Is The Greatest Healer By Sara Jane Love is the greatest healer and let that love start with you. Whatever is going on in the world around you, tap into the love that is your true being. Love can support you through anything. Love, can heal the hurt others, knowingly or unknowingly inflict on […]

Love the Elixir of Life

Love the Elixir of Life By Sara Jane What is an Elixir? It is a medicinal potion or aromatic preparation thought to have generalised curative or restorative properties. The word elixir was not used until the 7th century A.D. and derives from the Arabic name for miracle substance, “al iksir”. The main ingredient of an elixir […]

Bravery & Compassion Share the Same Energy

Bravery & Compassion Share the Same Energy By Sara Jane What was your first thought on reading the title of this article? What is that Energy? For me it is simple, it is the Energy of Love. The Universal Healing Energy, the powerhouse that underpins nearly everything we do and is who we are. Compassion […]

An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift

An Invitation to Life’s Greatest Gift By Sara Jane I suppose I should start with what I believe Life’s Greatest Gift to be. Love Love is the energy that brings Peace, Comfort, Healing and so much more into our lives. The Love that comes from within you, that is you. Love is the gift we […]


Charity from the Latin “caritas” meaning Love, Regard By Sara Jane The definition of “charity” as per the “Readers Digest Great Illustrated Dictionary” is “1. The provision of help or relief to the poor 2. An institution, organisation or fund established to help the needy or carry out other useful work 3. Something that is […]