Time to Forget

Time to Forget By Sara Jane Give yourself time to forget To just live in the Now Allow yourself time to stop To just be still   Listen to the sounds of silence The sound of your own Heart beating The sounds of Nature Hear the music that surrounds you   Let yourself Feel Feel […]

Humour ~ The Springboard to Your Soul

Humour ~ The Springboard to Your Soul By Sara Jane Humour, laughter, fun, joy, happiness – How do you feel when you experience these? Do you feel connected? Sadness, sorrow, anger, hurt, pain, annoyance, stress – How do you feel when you experience these? How connected do you feel to anything when you experience these? […]

The Sweet Success of Rage

The Sweet Success of Rage By Sara Jane The definition of Rage according to “The Readers Digest Illustrated Dictionary” “1.a. Extreme, vehement anger; fury b. a fit of anger – 2. Furious intensity, as of a storm or disease – 3. Burning desire or passion – 4. Informal A fade, a craze, very fashionable” The […]

Should You?

Should You? By Sara Jane When you hear someone say you really should do that – there is no “should” about it. It is your choice, listen to your gut instincts, your intuition, how does it feel to you? Is the person who has said it doing it? Or are they just telling you “you […]

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself

I Am ~ Mastering Yourself By Sara Jane (If you would like to hear Sara Reading this article, you will find the video at the bottom of the page) “I” is the most powerful word, whatever you put after it becomes your reality, especially when you give it real energy. Be warned, keep everything positive. […]

What is Normal?

What is Normal? Whose Definition is it any way? By Sara Jane Many years ago, as a teenager, my parents ran a small hotel in Torquay, Devon. During June, we had a small groups come to stay of Nuns and ladies who were “Mentally Handicapped” (the old terminology). Even then I remember thinking who is […]