Time to Forget

By Sara Jane

Give yourself time to forget

To just live in the Now

Allow yourself time to stop

To just be still


Listen to the sounds of silence

The sound of your own Heart beating

The sounds of Nature

Hear the music that surrounds you


Let yourself Feel

Feel the warmth of the sun

The caress of the breeze

The kiss of the rain


Open your Eyes

See the beauty and colour that surrounds you

The beautiful palette of Nature

From the sky to the earth and everything in between


Time to be with you

The whole of you

The you of all ages

The you with no worries or cares.


Time to break down the barriers you have hidden behind

Time to forget who others have told you, you are

Time to get to know you

To re-connect with yourself


Let yourself meet you

Get to know you

Learn to love you

To trust and respect you


You are a beautiful being

An amazing creation

A gift to the world

Be true to you


Give yourself permission to have me-time

Time to explore who you are

Time for fun and laughter

Time to leave the everyday behind for a while


Create a new reality for yourself

A reality of love & peace

Of trust and respect

Of fun and laughter


A reality in which you let go of judgement

You find the positive in all situations

You honour yourself and your journey

You honour others and their journey


Paths may cross

Some will walk with you for a while

Others may, for a lifetime

And others still, a passing smile or nod


Let yourself live your life

Follow your own path

Experience your own journey

This roller-coaster we call life


Give yourself permission to forget what has served its purpose

Remembering the lessons and gifts that each brings you

You are Special

Believe it

If you would like to hear Sara read this Poem, you can click on the video above

Copyright © Sara Jane 2019